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You should be skeptical about his claim.

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Q: What if your boyfriend is messaging other girls and says its for someone else?
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My boyfriend is messaging other girls that are his friends on Facebook saying i miss you should i be worried?

Maybe. He could be joking around or cheating. Try talking to these girls and finding out. Though if he is your boyfriend, you should have 100% trust otherwise the relationship isn't worth it.

What should you do if your boyfriend ditches you for other girls when your together?

Find someone that is more interested in you.

You find pictures of other girls with your boyfriend?

you get a new boyfriend

Are girls still interested in other men if they have a boyfriend?

sometime yes, because there are many girls (teenagers particularly) that only have a boyfriend because they feel they have to, or just like to know they have someone by their side. they could very well be interested in someone else, but just hanging onto their boyfriend for now. personally, i would never be like that, but there are many who are.

How do girls feel about your boyfriend?

Who gives a cheese what other girls think of your boyfriend the other girls are just idiots if there's noting wrong with him but if there telling you stuff that can't be ignored then INVESTIGATE

How do you make your boyfriend stop talking to other girls on the internet?

YOU BREAKUP WITH HIM! a boyfriend worth your time, and that is all yours wouldn't talk to other girls on the internet!

How do you no if your boyfriend does not like you anymore?

he looks at other girls

Is my boyfriend talking to other girls online?


What does it mean when you of your boyfriend over and over with other girls?

hmm, what do you mean over and over other girls ?

How do you know your boyfriend is insecure?

is his kissing other girls or other guys?

What do girls look for most when finding a boyfriend?

1) Someone who is interested in them as a girl.2) Someone with a good sense of humor.3) Someone who doesn't revert to a primordial jerk when he is around other guys.

How do you know if your boyfriend has interest in other girls?

you can ask him or, just watch how he is around other girls and how he is with you and compare the two