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try with rope or wire .....get to shop and fix

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Q: What if your car door will not remain closed?
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What should I do if the car door will not remain closed?

repair or adjust the latching mechanism

Why does a car door latch have two closed positions sort of closed and closed?


Fix a car door that won't stay closed?

get a hammer

My car door squeaks when opened or closed how can it be fixed?


Why does my Voltzwagen Jetta door indicator light not go off?

The sensors that tell the car when the door is opened or closed are garbage.

Who is at fault if someone is closing the door of a parked car and the oncoming passing car and the driver is not paying attention hits the parked car?

Nonone If the car is legally parked and the door is being closed, it is the car that hit it's fault, or rather the person driving that car. If the door was being opened, it is the person opening the door.

Where is the dome light switch in a VW Golf?

Some interior lights do not have a switch per se ... the light fixture itself moves or tilts, and usually has three positions: # Off - lamp stays off regardless of door open or closed # Door - lamp lights when door is opened - shuts off when closed # On - lamp will remain on regardless of door open or closed

When driver side door red light is on will the car start?

If the door is open and the light is on or is flashing chances are you have a bad door lock accuator . the sensor in the door lock mechanisim is not seeing the door opened or closed . so the car's alarm thinks the car is being stolen . Replace the door lock accuator mechanism .

How can you repair a car door that does not close or lock if it is aligned properly?

make sure that the latching mechanism is open and not closed.. that's the part that is shaped like a c where the door meets the striker(the nob that sticks out from the car) if its closed it would be like running into a closed door.. when open it should close around it correctly..if not you may need to replace the nob. Not expensive either.

What does it mean to have a door closed?

when a door is "closed" it can not be opened by pushing or pulling

When this opens fresh air comes in?

It's probably the air recirculation door. When the door is closed, it circulates the air inside the car. When it's open, it allows outside air in. Even with the door closed, you will still get some outside air in.

What is the part of the door called inside the door that latches to the hook on the car to keep the door closed mine is broken and my door wont stay shut Please help?

its called the pu$$y

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