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you need to file a claim against their insurance company- anyone who hits you from behind was not alert enough to stop in time- unless this is a fraud most people who are hit from behind should not be At Fault

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If you rear ended a car and then it rear ended another car and that car hit another car who is at fault for each car?

If you rear end a stopped vehicle, which is pushed into another stopped vehicle and then that into another, you would be responsible for all of the vehicles.

What is a rear of a car?

What you see when you are following another car. That is the rear. Normally it is where the trunk is except on a rear engine car and then it is where the engine is. The rear axle of a car is sometimes referred to as "the rear" .

In a three car accident with one impact from the last car is that car's insurance only responsible for the damages to the back of the middle car?

If with "one impact from the last car" you mean that the rear car hit the middle car and then the middle car, as a result, hit the front car, the rear car's insurance would be responsible for all damages. If the middle car first hit the front car and then the rear car hit the middle care, the rear car's insurance would only be responsible for the damages to the middle car. i.e. where was the first impact?

If you rear end someone at a stop light and the middle car rear ends a third car who is responsible for repairs to the third front car?

If you are the first contributor to the accident and you force the middle car in to the third, you are the responsible party. The third car may try to collect from the second party's insurance, who may subsequently try to collect from your insurance. If you rear end a car that is stopped and that car is pushed into the car in front of it, you are responsible for both vehicles' damages.

Who is responsible if your car is hit by another car and the other car hits a parked car?

The driver of the first striking car is responsible for all subsequent damage.

Car rear ended by another car?

Most of the time the car in the rear will be held accountable for the accident, there are times (albeit few) when this is not the case.

Why is car making a loud thumping noise from rear when making right turn?

Maybe that thumping noise is the sound of another car smashing into the rear of your car.

Who is at fault when a car hits you in the rear of your car while you are stopped?

It is almost always going to be the car that hit the other car that is at fault. It is a presumption that a car that hits the rear of another car is going to be at fault.

Who is responsible if a child opens a door and hits another car with car door?

The parent or responsible adult operating the vehicle and in charge of the child, like the sitter or another friend or relative.

The at fault driver hit my rear suburban tire No damage to my vehicle but the front of her car is What do I do?

Nothing, if she as at fault she is responsible to the damages of her car.

Who is responsible if one car runs into another car and the other car runs into a parked car?

The car that caused the first wreck is responsible for both wrecks for is initial wreck caused the wreck following it.

Who is at fault if you get rear ended causing you to hit the wall then another car?

The driver who rear ended you is at fault.

Car behind hits me causing me to get rear ended to the car in front of me while I had my brakes on waiting for car 2 spots from me to make a left turn who is responsible for both damages rental car?

The car behind you is responsible for the damage to both cars. They are also responsible for putting you and the other driver in a rental car while your cars are being fixed.

Who is at fault in a 3 car accident when uninsured car 1 hits stopped car 2 then car 2 hit stopped car 3?

If a car hits a stopped car and sets that car into motion and it hits another car, the first car is responsible for both cars. A stopped car is not responsible when someone sets it into motion and it hits another car.

Who is responsible if your car is hit by a parked car and another car hits the parked car first?

Answer: The vehicle that initiates the collision is at fault.

What is the legal age to buy a car in Wisconsin?

what is the legal age to buy a car in wisconsin ?

Parked car slid down hill into another parked car?

unfortunate for the owner of the slider, they are responsible.

If you receive a ticket for being illegally parked which caused someone to rear end you at night are you responsible?

Yes. The car created a traffic hazard. The person who parked the car is responsible for any accident that occurred as a result.

How do you get a car title from Wisconsin with a bill of sale from westg Virginia?

Buy the car in W Virginia, and then register the car in Wisconsin.

If my employer sends me to another location for work are they responsible if I have a car wreck?

Very doubtful.

If someone keys your car while on another persons property is that persons insurance responsible?


How much is car insurance in Wisconsin?

Depends on what part of Wisconsin you are living in, your age, the make/model/year of the car.

Who is responsible when a car owner damages his own garage with his car?

The car owner is responsible.

Who is responsible to pay for repairs to my car which was parked in a parking lot and another car hit the passenger side causing considerable damage?

The Person who hit your car.

If you live in Illinois can you buy a car in Wisconsin?

If you live in Illinois you can buy a car in Wisconsin. You may have to pay the tax difference when you register the car in the state you live in.