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Wants to know if your related.

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What does it mean if your crushes best friend asks your brother if there your sister?

Then her best friend knows u like her and she wants u guys to go out so she will be happy and or she thiks u look alike!(she probably knows u really like her and have looked up this question on yahoo answers!:)

How do you ask your best friends brother out?

well first make sure its okay with ur friend. and ask ur friend if her brother likes u. if she says yes than wait till the brother asks u out. cuase if u both like eachother than im sure the sister/ur best friend will tell him:D hope my answer helped

How do you get your brother to trust you?

your big or little brother/sister might be mad at what you did so play a game or get him a treat spend time with him or her my big brother is a teen i do what ever he asks me to do and if i ask him to do somethin the answer is no

What does Antigone ask her sister to do in 'Antigone'?

Help her bury their brother is what Antigone asks her sister to do in "Antigone" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.).Specifically, Theban Princess Antigone asks her sister, Princess Ismene, to help bury their brother Polyneices. With Ismene, Antigone can give her brother the below ground burial to which he is entitled. Without her, Antigone can give no more than a partial burial under a layer of dust.

Does Luke love Annabeth?

Luke's love for Annabeth is considered to be a sister/brother love. Luke asks in The Last Olympian if Annabeth loves him and she says that she loves him like a brother.

What is a sibling?

A sibling is another word for a brother or sister (not gender specific). If someone asks you "Do you have siblings?" it means they are asking you if you have brothers or sisters.

How do you tell your best friend that you like them?

if your friend is a girl and your a boy you tell them that you know someone likes likes you and she asks who say "i cant tell you." and then the next day tell her you like her. if your a girl telling a boy that same thing. if your a girl taking to a girl tell them you are like a sister or brother to each other or something like that

What do you do if your friend asks you if you love him?

Tell him that you do love him too... as a friend.

What does it mean when a14 year old boy asks a12 year old girl ''do you have a sister''?

Either he is looking for a friend or he is looking to date one of them

What does it mean if my guy friend asks me who i like?

He either: Likes you-if he blushes at you when he asks Or a friend of his likes you and is too shy to ask you himself

What does Ismene do when Antigone asks her for help?

Antigone approaches her sister Ismene with a plan to defy their Uncle and bury their brother. Ismene replies that they are women and as women they must obey their Uncle.

If you are playing truth or dare with your friend and she asks you do you like her brother who is 14 also. Does that mean she knows that he likes you?

It could mean that but honestly it also could mean that she was just wondering. when its your turn ask your friend truth or dare and if she says truth then ask her if her brother likes you. and she's your friend so if she says idk just ask her if she could lay some hints out to her brother. hope this helped any.....

What does it mean if someone asks you if you consider them as a friend?

They want to be your friend and are asking (subtlety)

What does it mean when a guy asks your friend where you are?

If a guy is asking your friend where you are, he may be interested in you.

What does it mean when my crush asks me if i ever had a bf?

when a your crush asks if you have ever had a boy friend, it means that he is interested in you.

Can you date a boy who asks you out even if your friend likes him?

Yes, you can. Your friend should understand that you were asked out.

What do you do when your best friend asks out your best guy friend?

you should be happy for her and if not then deal with it.......not trying to be rude.

What does it mean when a girl asks you to go somewhere?

she wants to go out with your brother

Can you sign power of attorney for your brother?

you can be appointed P/A for anyone who asks you.

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