What if your ex lives long distance and is hurt that you live with a guy what should you do to convince him to makeup with you and how can you convince him to let you live with him?

I'm guessing you mean to convince your ex to live w/ your ex You could start by telling him that you really miss him and that you are looking for another place to stay but don't think you can find a place that you can afford alone. You could say how you hate being apart and you want to visit him soon but you are so caught up w/ his concern about this guy you live with that you are buisy looking for a new place and the money for the down payment would put your plans off even more. let him know the guy isn't a threat. Once again bring up the fact that you need a roomate. Girls are usually unreliable. So you really wouldn't want to have a female roomate.tell him that it's important you have someone you can rely on to pay the bill.