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What if your indicators on your vauxhal corsa do not work but your hazards do Any Ideas There is also no indication on the dashboard when the hazards are on but the lights do flash?


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Most corsa hazards work off separate fuses. i would start with that as that is the cheaper option.

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It means there is an electrical fault with the Fuel injection system.

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its under the bonnet just in front of thebattery, you have to remove 2 x 13mm nuts to get at the cable adjustment.

if ya just need 2 get it started then turn bat lights on n bump it and my m8 had same prob the imob was behind heater matrix

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My vauxhall zafira's alarm keeps going off at 3.30 - 4am every morning. we have a key to dis arm the alarm but can not find where to put it to turn it off. and why is it going off.

This is heavily dependent on your driving environment. Your biggest enemy is ozone. More of it in cities. More of it on hot days. When you check the oil, give it a twist. See any cracks? If so, replace it.

I got my clutch and gearbox all done all in for £800.00 Vauxhal combo van 53 plate, although the old shape ones were far better, my last one done 230'000 miles.

Most European used car dealers should have no trouble at all locating a used Vauxhal Astra for sale in a number of different price ranges. The website for Autotrader in the United Kingdom should also be able to help.

The plastic sliders on the end of the regulator wear, and eventually break. The whole unit needs to be replaced, as they are not a separate item as I understand. This means spending over £100- for a couple of pence worth of plastic, (what a brilliant idea, well done Vauxhal, NOT)

lift the handbrake boot thing up from around your hand brake lever there is a 10mm nut tighten it up not too much other wise ur back wheels wont turn or will lock up you may need a 10mm long socket not a short-normal 1

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its the locking of the driver and passenger door with the key that operates he alarm. the only way round it is to lock the drivers and passengers doors from reaching in via the back doors or obviously locking the passenger sides before getting out by pushing th pin down then get out of the car and lock the drivers door by reaching in from the rear drivers door.

Behind the battery you will a gap to run the power cable thru, ( glovebox does need to be taken out). take the panels off sindie a car and wire from behind your head unit under the panels thru to the back of the car and behind the seats. for the earth wire i drilled a hole near my spare, and stuck a self tapper thru it. seems to hold it down

Remove the auto lock hub cover then the circlip which holds the auto lock mechanisim make sure you keep this clean you should then see a large locking ring with multiple holes in it and also 3 screws remove the screws then the ring, the ring behind the locking ring should then be turned clock wise to tighten the wheel bearing be sure not to over tighten it then refit the mechanisim and wheel and check the play has been removed

It doesn't matter if it's right or left hand drive, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Vauxhal or any other manufacturer; the process is the same. You need to separate the engine and transmission. If you decide to pull the transmission, fine. If you decide to pull the engine, that too is fine. Once they're separated remove the pressure plate from the flywheel, remove the pressure plate and clutch disk, remove the flywheel and either have it resurfaced or replace the flywheel. Then put the flywheel back on the engine, making sure to torque the head to the proper specifications. Then put the clutch disk in place and loosely position the pressure plate. You'll need an alignment tool to make sure the clutch disk is properly centered, then tighten the pressure plate into place and put the engine/transmission back together and bolt everything back in place. It isn't particularly difficult, it just takes a fair amount of time.

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