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myopic or nearsighted.

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What types of physiologic myopia are there?

may include refractive myopia (the cornea and lens-bending properties are too strong) and axial myopia (the eyeball is too long)

Why is my eye watering?

Your eyes are probably watering due to harsh environments, strong winds, rain, etc... But (like me) if you wear glasses or contact lens your eyes can easily be irritated Causing them to water. Now this is either caused by overusage or pushing on the contact against your eye causing it to bend and scrape against your eyeball. This will likely cause your eye to start watering trying to get the bent or dry contact lens out of your eye. If the lens was dirty however it can also irritate your eye that way because when you wear a dirty contact lens the minute dirt particles trapped between the lens and the contact are rubbing against your eye which will cause them to water excessively until all the dirt has been removed from in-between the lens and the eyeball. An easy way to quickly fix this problem is to use your saliva to clean your lens from the dirt DO NOT USE TAP WATER saliva is the next closest thing to saline(tears). If not done correctly your eyes will water excessively and it will look like you are crying but even if done so your eyes still have had damage done to them and your eyes will water this is caused by large dirt particles cutting your eyeball which will irritate the eye for a long time. One major thing to do is blink alot so the scrapes and cut will be covered in tears and will heal faster. Hope this helps with your problem!! :)

How do lenses help short sighted?

Short sighted people are not helped by lenses or anything else. Except the consequences of their short sightedness. I think you mean near sighted people. The eye is a lens and focal point system. The focal length of the eye can be manipulated by flexing muscles in the eye socket to change the distance between the lens and the back of the eyeball. A near sighted, or even a far sighted, person has an eyeball that is too long or too short for the lens, and therefore the image produced by the eye's lens is focused either in front of or behind the back of the eye. A lens, either in a pair of glasses or a contact lens, can assist the eye by effectively pre-focusing the image that enters the lens of the eye to a sharpness that can be accommodated by the focal length of the malformed eyeball, focusing the image sharply on the back of the eyeball. - wjs1632 -

Why don't snails like light?

Snails have long stalks which hold there eyes up and the eyeball has no cover so it HURTS!

What are the causes of long and short sighted?

Farsighted or Nearsighted is what I believe you mean. The cause is the shape of the eyeball and where the lens focuses the image it recieves. Eyeglasses merely refocus the image at the proper point. Lasik (or other procedures) simply reshape the lens for optimum vision.

What is difference between myopia hyperopia presbyopia and astigmatism?

Myopia: nearsightedness or rather distant objects appear blurry resulting from an eyeball that is too longHyperopia: farsightedness or rather near objects appear blurry while distant objects are clear, resulting from an eyeball that is too short aka "lazy lens"Astigmatism: images are blurry, resulting from the eyes focusing on lines not points, also due to unequal curvatures of the cornea or lensPresbyopia: a decrease in near visionSourceIntroduction to the Human Bodyby Gerard Tortora and Bryan Derrickson

How does a convex lens fix eye problems?

A convex or converging lens can fix eyes with long sighted vision. A person who is long sighted cannot focus on near objects which can be corrected by wearing a convex lens.ÊÊ

What is computer lens?

Computer lens are glasses for preventing damage to the eyes due to working at a computer for long hours. Computer lens may also refer to the device that emits the laser beam in optical disk drives.

Can you get sunburnt eyes?

Eyelids - yes, eyeballs - no, when the eyeball starts drying or you look at the sun your nervous system signals the brain to automatically squint, tear, and blink to keep the eyeball moist and lubricated. You would burn your retina rendering yourself blind long before sunburning the outer eyeball tissues. That is why you shouldn't stare directly at the sun for long periods of time or during an eclipse.

What is the Medical term meaning the eyeball is too long from front to back?

When the eyeball is not round, whether it be too long, or too short, it is called astigmatism.

How can concave lens correct nearsighted vision problems?

A nearsighted person can see nearby things clearly, but objects at a distance are blurred. The eyeball is too long, so the lens focuses the image in front of the retina. To correct this, a concave lens in front of the eye spreads out light rays before they enter the eye. As a result, the image forms on the retina.

What do mean by 20x camera lens?

A zoom lens with a big range, from slightly wide-angle to long telephoto. The 20 measures the range, some lenses are not so strong, say 10x.

What condition occurs when the eyeball is too long?


Why does the eyes become smaller when you wear glasses?

This happens when you wear a concave lens for curing short sight. If you wear convex lens in case of long sight, then eyes would look bigger than the original. Both are so dominant if the power is high. If we wear low power glasses then no such considerable change in the size of the eyes.

You can take long distance photographs with what lens?

Telephoto lens

How big is a giraffe's eye?

An adult male giraffe's eyeball is around the size of a golf ball. Giraffes have long thick eyelashes, surrounding the eyeball.

What happens to your eyes if you stare at bright lights for long periods of time?

You will suffer what are called 'eye floaters' - small specks or clouds moving in your field of vision varying in different shapes and sizes which are within your eye's 'vitreous' (known as transparent jelly like tissue filling the eyeball behind the lens) humour. If you have never suffered these often then it should subside after a while of staring in the bright lights.

What are a tarsiers unique characteristics?

Tarsiers have incredibly large eyes--in some cases, the eyeball is larger than the brain. They also are capable of rotating their head like an owl because their eyes are so large that they can't rotate in their sockets. Tarsiers also have long legs for leaping.

What is the difference between myopia farsightness and nearsightness?

Myopia is when nearby objects are clear but far away objects appear to be blurry to the person. It is caused by either the eyeball has grown too long or the cornea is too steep. Hyperopia is caused by an imperfection in the eye, usually if the eye lens is not round enough or if the eyeball is too short. Close up objects are blurred and far away object are clear.

If you are near - sighted your eyeball are too long true or false?


Short hair brings out the eyes what does long hair bring out?

Long hair has a strong influence on your whole body appearance and figure, depending on how exactly you wear it.

How long do eyeball tattoos last?

forever they are the same as getting a normal tat dude

Can you use old canon lens on a digital canon rebel?

Yep! As long as it is an EF lens.

In photography what is a telephoto lens?

When being used in photography, a telephoto lens is used as a long focus lens. This means that the focal length of the lens is longer than the physical length. This type of lens is often used for photography of animals.

What does Katniss look like?

Katniss has gray eyes, long black hair she usually wears in a braid. She is small for her age, but she is pretty strong.

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