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You would not know you are pregnant as you haven't even missed a period yet. A pregnancy is measured from the first day of the last period. So you are 4 weeks when the next period is due. BTW - if you are not spotting, that's a good sign (if you want to be pregnant). No spotting means less chance of miscarriage.

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Q: What if your not spotting at all during the first 3 weeks of pregnancy?
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If you think youre pregnant is it normal for you to be spotting blood the first three weeks?

Spotting fresh blood during early pregnancy does occur and can be harmless but bleeding for 3 weeks is something that needs investigating by your doctor.

What does that little spotting in the first two weeks of my pregnancy?

Yes, one can get some amount of spotting in the initial months of pregnancy but it is not a period. However if it continues you must show it to the doctor.

Is it normal to have spotting during 5 weeks of pregnancy for almost a week?

No its a sign of early miscarriage get checked sweetie

Is it normal to have no spotting within the first 2 weeks of pregnancy?

Yes, that's perfectly normal. Some people get spotting and some don't. It just depends on the woman. Everybody's pregnancy is different.

Is the last day of spotting heavy?

No all the spotting should be light , and not last as long as your normal period. Yes, this is very normal during the early weeks of pregnancy.

What is the color of the spotting?

i hope this answers your can be light pink or brown, if it is red in anyway tell your doctor immediately!!! spotting during the first trimester of pregnancy is common. im 7 weeks and i have been spotting the past 2 days and the doctor told me that it was normal.

Can you bleed the first couple of weeks of pregnancy?

I did off and on with my 3rd pregnancy (spotting mostly). It is not normal to have heavy bleeding though. You may see some spotting, but I would contact my OBGYN immediatly. Better to be safe!!

What happens during your first weeks of pregnancy?

You die

Is brown spotting and a strong ordor normal at seven weeks of pregnancy?

spotting during 7 weeks is normal but it shouldn't be with foul ordor. consult your obgyn/doctor to check for infections. 7 weeks is important not to have any serious infectons that could cause miscarriage.

Is any kind of clotted like blood normal during th 1st trimester of pregnancy?

I got pregnant twice and during my first trimester i had spotting and slight bleeding. And they were both signs of tubal pregnancy which is the fertilised egg implants in the tubes but not in the uterus. So I lost both of the pregnancies. I am 4 weeks pregnant again and i am hoping i will have a healthy pregnancy. I will freak out if any spotting or bleeding starts.

Can you spot during the first few weeks of pregnancy?

Yes you can spot during the first week of you pregnancy. The egg is being planted into the uterus.

You think you are 3 weeks pregnant but you have not had any spotting?

Take a pregnancy test