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you should get a home pregnancy testing card(cost very low) and check for yourself. in fact this should be done the very first day of the missed period

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Q: What if your stomach hurts you have gas really bad you feel dizzy you belch and you have missed your period for about two months now are you pregnant?
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2 months missed period?

your pregnant.

You have missed your period for two months now can you be pregnant?


Is it a sign of pregnancy if you have weird feelings in your stomach and your side and you missed your period?

You may be pregnant as you have missed your period. Take a test

What if you missed 4 months birth control shot can you get pregnant?

Yes you can get pregnant if you missed a birth control shot for four months. However, doctors say that it takes about a week after a missed period to get pregnant.

Missed your period for 2 months?

Uh...yeah you're pregnant.

Missed period for four months?

sounds like somebody's pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you never missed you period and you urine test says negative but you are having symtoms and you stomach is taking the form of a pregnancy?

If you have not missed your period and the pregnancy test is negative, then I would believe you are not pregnant.

Can you have a period for 8 months and be pregnant and also feel a pulse in your stomach?


How many months have to pass by until the doctor tells you your pregnant?

After 8 to 10 days of your missed period. You have enough time to decide about to terminate or continue the pregnancy. It does not take months after missed period.

Could you become pregnant the day after missed period?

If you have missed your period and are pregnant, you most likely got pregnant around 14 days before your missed period.

Are there other reasons why you could have missed your period for 3 months other than being pregnant?

Three months is a long period to miss your periods for, it could be missed due to to much stress.But not likely 3 months.

Can you get parnat if no period?

You Can be Pregnant If You Have Missed Your Period But Sometimes it Just Skips And It Is Best To Just Get A Test And Check after 3 months

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