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Repossession letters are not required in every state. In some states, face to face notification of the repossession suffices, and when the driver came to hook up your car, if you had a conversation with him at all (even if it consisted of you yelling "Hey!" and him gesturing to you) you received notice.

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Q: What if your vehicle was repossessed but you never received a repossession letter what do you do?
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Do you have a right to have a repossession letter before my vehicle is repossessed?


A sample letter of vehicle repossession for the state of Texas Where can you find one?

Sample letter of vehicle repossession for the state of texas

When can a vehicle legally be repossessed?

In Florida, they have to send you a demand letter, once that demand letter expired(30 days) and you didn't contact the the bank to make payment arrangements, they assigned your loan/car for repossession.

How much time do you have before your car is repossessed?

Depends on the contract you signed and the state that you live in. Some states require a 15 or 20 day Right to Cure letter be sent to the debtor prior to repossession and some states allow the vehicle to be repossessed the day after you miss your payment.

How do you write a car repossession letter?

How do you write a car repossession letter?

Sample of auto repossession letter to buyer?

An auto repossession letter should begin with a letter head consisting of the name, address and phone number of the recipient. Choose a date that payment must be made for the vehicle along with its VIN number.

When a car is repossessed is the owner supposed to have been given a right to cure letter first?

Depends on which state you live in. Most states do not require a Right to Cure letter prior to repossession but a few of the states do.

After car is sold by repossession company do you get a get a letter?

When your car is repossessed, what you will get will depend on your local governmental regulations. When I was in a car wreck, I was able to go by the junk yard and get my tool kit out of my car.

Can your car be legally repossessed in 4 days they gave you a letter saying you had 10 days?

When they send the letter, it's ten days from the time the letter was drafted. As for when they can repossess legally, that's a matter of your contract, and the laws of your state. Repossession agents and creditors stay pretty up-to-date on legal issues, and if they've repossessed your car, it's probable that they did it in a timeframe where it was legal for them to do so.

Is a lender in Missouri required to send the borrower a Notice of Right to Cure before repossession action?

No, Missouri has no laws that require the creditor to notify the debtor that a vehicle is subject to repossession.The lender can have the vehicle repossessed without notice as long as the repossession does not commit a breach of peace as defined by the laws in the jurisdiction where the vehicle is seized.ADDED: While the above answer may have been correct at the time it was written - it is no longer applicable.Quote: "As per the UCC, repossession is allowed and permitted as long as it is peaceful, after a Twenty Day Right To Cure Letter from lienholder to debtor. One time cure law in effect in Missouri; all others per contractual agreement." unquoteSee below link:

How do you write a voluntary repossession letter?

Simply state in the letter that you wish to surrender the vehicle, list the loan number, the VIN, or any other way to identify the vehicle and the account with the lender. Notify them where the vehicle can be picked up, and where the keys will be located. And, have it there when the agents come to recover it.

What are repossesion laws in Missouri?

In short form, if a payment is missed, the vehicle is up for repossession. The company who owns the note may repossess the vehicle themselves, or may hire an independant company to repo it. Once repossessed, the company who owns the lein has to send a notice of repossession letter to the debtor, giving the debtor 10 days to either pay the car off in full, or catch up on payments missed. This is at the sole discretion of the owner of the note. The lein holder has to hold the debtors personal property for 15 days, and may charge the debtor a fee to retrieve the property. If the car is not claimed in ten days, the lein holder may sell the vehicle to the highest bidder. If the amount received exceeds the amount owed on the vehicle, the lein holder must refund the excess amount to the debtor, if the amount received is less than the amount owed, the lein holder may sue the debtor for the rest of the amount. A modest repossession fee may be applied to the total owed.

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