What impact did Ferdinand Magellan's discovery have?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: What impact did Ferdinand Magellan's discovery have?
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When was Ferdinand Magellans birth year?


What was Ferdinand magellans's goal?

Ferdinand's goal was to sail around the globe. =D

Who was Ferdinand Magellans brothers?

Ferdinand Magellan didn't have any brothers. He was a single child.

Who financed Ferdinand Magellans trip around the world?

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain

What year did Ferdinand Magellans parents die?

Ferdinand Magellan's parents died in 1490 when he was 10

When did Ferdinand magellans parents die?

His parents died when he was 10

What is Ferdinand Magellans exploration?

south around south America

How old was Ferdinand Magellans wife?

68 years old

What was the name of Ferdinand Magellans son?

His sons were Rodrigo and Carlos.

How was Ferdinand Magellans childhood?

Ferdinand Magellans childhood was quite bad and upsetting. His parents died when he was ten years old. Wow you must be dumb if you couldn't look that up and get the answer your self! :)

Where and when did Ferdinand magellans explorations occur?

he wanted to see around the country

Who funded Ferdinand magellans exploration?

the queen of Spain