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Well, Hitler basically tore down the Jewish population throughout Europe. He instilled anti-semitism there. He ended the great battle era and after wwii the terrorist era began.

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What negative impact did Hitler have on Germany?

hitler was a bad man

Gold had what kind of impact on Europe?

gold had what kind of impact on europe?

What was the Reconquista and how did it impact southwestern Europe?

What was the Reconquista and how did it impact southwestern europe?

What was the vikings impact on Europe?

The Vikings impact on Europe was that they were Farmers and Traders.

How did the Crusades impact the economy of Europe?

how did the crusafes impact the economy of Europe

What type of impact did Hitler have on the world?

A very negative impact.

What impacts did Hitler and Stalin have on the world during and after World War 2?

Hitler, as you know, commited suicide when he rule over most of Europe was over. Besides the impact that the aftermath of the Holocaust had on the world, his terror was over.

The impact of Viking culture on Europe?

The impact the vikings had on Europe was they were farmers and traders.

Where did Hitler do what he did?

Europe, Germany.

Which nation was resisting hitler in the summer of 1940 in Western Europe?

Great Britain was the only country resisting Hitler in the summer of 1940 in Western Europe.

Did Hitler take over eastern Europe or western Europe?

eastern Europe

When did Hitler eliminate Jews?

When did Hitler begin to eliminate the Jews in Europe

Did Hitler try to conquer Western Europe Eastern Europe and USSR?

Hitler tried to conquer everything. So yes.

Where did Hitler invade?

About half of Europe.

What did Stalin and Hitler agree to do when Hitler invaded Poland?

They agreed to share europe

What impact did Hitler have in the Holocaust?

he called for it to happen..................

What impact did religion have on WW1?

Hitler you snichle

What Impact does Romania have on Europe?

Very little impact

How Jews are affected by Hitler?

Hitler ordered the imprisonment and deaths of millions of Jews in Europe.

What was Hitler's short term impact on World War 2?

Hitler had a major impact on the world from both a short and long term perspective. In the short term, from 1939 to 1945, Hitler demolished much of Europe via the war he waged on two fronts. He also murdered millions of people, and irreparably scarred millions more.

What impact did World War 1 have on the economy of Europe?

The impact of ww1 on the econmoy of Europe was to drain the treasuries of Europe leaving them grappling with huge debts.

How much of Europe did Hitler conquered?


Did Hitler take over Europe?


Did Hitler bomb anyone?

Most of Europe.

What part of the world did Hitler control?