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Q: What impact did the Holocaust have on the world?
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How did the World War 1 impact the holocaust?

World War I created World War II; without World War II the Holocaust would not have happened.

How has Elie Wiesel made an impact in the world?

He impacted the world by writing stories about the Holocaust so that we'd have better understanding of what the holocaust was like

What impact did the Holocaust have during World War 2?

Answer To all intents and purposes it was negligible: The holocaust included homosexuals and gypsies.

How did the Holocaust have an impact on art and society?

The Holocaust changed the world because it taught the world that discriminating is wrong. See related link: This is a haunting reflection, expressed through art, of a family's loss in the Holocaust. It's a quilt.

How did the Holocaust impact the Constitution?

The US Constitution was not affected by Holocaust.

How did Anne Frank impact the world?

She was a very strong young person who almost survived the holocaust.

What is the historical impact of the Holocaust in the world?

it became a landmark in historical research, it has become a central point: there are now pre- and post-Holocaust histories. Not only what has happened since is compared to the Holocaust, but what happped before is.

Who does the holocaust impact?

mostly jewish

What is some impacts of the Holocaust?

Impact of Holocaust: DEATH. Impact on people: made some go insane, left homeless, no family.

How does Anne Frank impact the world today?

Her impact is through her diary, which provides a personal insight into the terrible sufferings caused by the Holocaust and by persecution more generally.

What was the impact of the holocaust in World War 2?

The impact was minimal, most countries were fighting for their own survival, and could not be more motivated (the US being the exception).

How did the holocaust have an impact on World War 2?

it turned many nations who would have aided the Nazis into nations who resisted them.

What impact did Hitler have in the Holocaust?

he called for it to happen..................

What was the impact of the Holocaust on history?

The country of Israel probably exists today only because there was a Holocaust.

What was the impact of the Holocaust on georgians?

The Jewish community has been a part of Georgia history since its founding in 1733 so the impact of the Holocaust on Georgians during WWII was minimal.

How did the diary of Anne Frank impact Jewish history and the Holocaust?

Anne Frank was a Holocaust victim and she was not a position to have an impact on the Holocaust itself or on Jewish history. Her diary is immensely valuable as a vivid account of the life of a Jewish girl in extremely difficult and dangerous circumstaces during the Holocaust.

What can the world do to prevent the holocaust from happening?

The world ended the Holocaust in 1945.

How do you write a sentence using Holocaust?

Even though the holocaust was a sad thing, it made a tremendous impact on history.

What was the impact of the Holocaust?

Impact of Holocaust: DEATH.Impact on people: made some go insane, left homeless, no family.They weren't just killed they were gased, worked to death, and impaled just because they were Jewish.Sad Jews

Was the Holocaust a part of World War I?

No, the Holocaust occurred in World War II

Was the holocaust in World War I or 2?

The holocaust was during World War 2

What impact did the Holocaust have in Germany?

It did immense damage to Germany's reputation.

How did this impact the Armenian's and the Jew's in the Holocaust?

You need to tell what this refers to.

What impact did the holocaust ghettos have?

They changed the lives of those who had to live in them.

Where is the Holocaust memorial?

There are lots of Holocaust memorials in the world.