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the time is more accurate and the time does not go faster or slower according to the temp.

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How has the digital camera impacted on society?

The digital camera, has made a big impact on society , as it does not need a reel to be developed al the time and the digital photos can be sent on the computer as well.

When were digital clocks invented?

digital clocks were made in 1956 the digital clock was invented in 1956, it is the opposite to analogue.

Have digital cameras made an impact?


What was the impact on the society when Benjamin Banneker made the first clock?

because Benjamin Banneker wanted people to tell time and know what time of day it was

What is synchronus and asynchronus sequential circuit in digital electronics?

A: A digital counter can be made to run synchronous with the clock meaning events will coincide with the clock. Asynchronous means that it is free running even thought there is a clock.

What is a digital clock face made out of?

LCD, liquid crystal display.

What impact has kimora lee simmons made on society?

how did kimora lee simmons impact society

Did malcolm-x make an impact to society?

Yes he made a huge impact on society

How does Notorious BIG impact society?

He made a huge impact .

What was Amerigo Vespucci's impact on society?

He made a significant scientific contribution to society.

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it made it sticky. haaaaahaaaaaaa.

What impact does child labor have on society?

The impact it had is that it made lots of children have health problems.

Who made the greatest impact on Canadian Society in 2008?

It's hard to single out people, different people have, in different ways, made good impact on Canadian Society in 2008.

How has the radio made an economic impact on society?

It made adertising more popular.

What was the impact on the society when the guitar was made?

It changed How music sounded.

How has Chris Brown made an impact on modern society?

He hasn't.

What impact did the sewing machine have on society?

It made everyone lazy

What was the tractor's impact on society?

The tractor made farming easier.

What impact does microwave oven has on society?

They have made cooking faster.

How is Dorothea Dix made an impact in society today?

she made hospitals for mentally ill.

What impact did elevator passenger have on society?

Made it easier to move buildings

Who made the greatest impact on Canadian Society in 2009?

goeerge poe

Who made the biggest impact on Canadian society in 2012?

Barack Obama

What was anders celsius immediate impact on society?

He made the degrees Celsius.

Why was the First Digital Clock Made?

For stylish innovation - something different ... a marketing ploy that seems to have worked. Kids today have no clue how to read an analog clock or watch.

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