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Shot A unit of length used for anchor chain on ships, = 15 fathoms = 90 feet from

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Q: What in a shot in chain measurement?
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How long is a shot of chain?

A shot of chain is 90 feet, or 15 fathoms.

How much a shot of chain weights?

A shot of chain is 90 feet. The weight of 90 feet of chain will depend upon the type and guage of chain.

What unit of chain length in Britain is equal to 75 feet?

This is one of the dictionary definitions of the word "shot", see In surveying, the 'chain' means 66ft, 10 chains = 1 furlong, but this is a different use of the unit of chain length. ________________________________________________________________ In the imperial system of measurement there are two units referred to as a "chain". As already stated the usual measurement is the Surveyor's chain (also known as Gunter's chain) = 66 feet. The Engineer's chain = 100 feet. So 75 feet is equal to 1.136 chains, or 0.75 Engineer's chains

What is chain surveying?

chain surveying is the branch of surveying in which only linear measurement are made in field. none of angular measurement are taken.

What measurement is one chain?

14 feet

What do you listen for if timing chain shot?

If you hear any noise from the chain it needs replacing.

How long was a chain in feet?

This unit of measurement is different in different professions. A surveyor's chain is 66 feet. An engineer's chain is 100 feet.

What does the chain shot upgrade in Sid Meier's Pirates do?

In 'Sid Meier's Pirates!', the chain shot upgrade enables you to fire chain-shot type ammunition from your ship. This ammunition is used to damage the sails of the enemy ship, to slow them down or to stop them flanking you.

What is Medieval System of Measurement?

off shot of the Roman System

What unit of measurement is used to measure a shot put?


How many meters in a chain of measurement?

20.1168 meters

What is the measurement for 1 ounce?

2 tblsp., the size of a shot glass.

Is a shot 1 oz a legal measurement?

AnswerA "single shot" shot glass holds exactly 1 fluid ounce of liquid, and so it is a legitimate source of measurement.a pony shot is 1 fluid ounces while a shot of liquid and can be up to 1.5 fluid ounces

What is twenty two y in a c?

There are 22 Yards in a Chain - a unit of measurement ...

Unit of chain length equal to 75 feet?

1 chain is equal to 66 feet.

What is shot put with a chain called?

it's called hammer throw

What is shot at an isotope's nucleus to trigger a nuclear chain reaction?


What is the measurement of criket GROUND?

The length of a cricket ground is 22 yards known as a CHAIN

What is shot at isotope's nucleus to trigger nuclear chain reaction?

Gamma Particles

Valves not moving on 1993 kawasaki mule?

Cam chain is broken or cam is shot

How many meters in one shot of chain?


What is the definition of chain the measurement?

A chain is 22 yards. It's an old English measurement; 10 chains make a furlong (contraction of furrow long) and eight furlongs make a mile. A piece of land that is a chain wide and a "furrow-long" is 10 square chains, but it's better known as an acre. In medieval strip architecture each peasant was allocated a strip of land one chain wide and one furrow-long. The lord of the manor provided the chain.

What are the most ridiculous imperial units?

there are loads of RIDICULOUS imperial units like: the measurement for a foot was decided after Henry the eighths foot was measured! the measurement for a chain wad decided after... you guessed it! they measured a chain. and so on...

What is the name of two iron balls connected to a chain?

It is just called a Ball and Chain. When used in a cannon (good against rigging and sails) it is Chain Shot. "Bolas" might be what you are thinking of.

Does TJ Avery get shot in the in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

He does not get hanged or shot. he goes to jail at the end of the book and ends up on the chain gang for a crime he did not commit.

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