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This is confusing. King Louis XVI was the monarch, since a monarch is a king.

If you are asking what influence King Louis XVI had on the monarchy, you may be getting confused with King Louis XIV, his ancestor.

Louis XVI's influence on the monarchy was to have it abolished, as he was King during the French Revolution.

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Q: What influence did King Louis XVI have on the monarch?
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Who was the french monarch from 1774-1794?

The King was Louis XVI.

Who was King Louis XVI of France.?

He was the last absolute monarch of France.

Who was the monarch in France at the time of the French Revolution?

King Louis XVI.

Who was the monarch when french rev started?

King Louis XVI (sixteenth)

Who governed the French before the revolution?

King Louis XVI as an absolute monarch.

Who was the King of France 1848?

The French monarch in 1789 was King Louis XVI. He became King of France in 1774.

Benjamin Franklin sought to get military and financial assistance from what monarch?

Your answer is King Louis XVI.

Who was the French king beheaded during the French revolution?

Louis XVI (the sixteenth / seize)

Who held power before the French Revolution?

France was reigned by an Absolute Monarch, King Louis XVI.

Who is the French monarchs who were executed during the French Revolution?

the french monarch that was killed was King Louis XVI. he, along with many others, were killed in the Reign of Terror. Many of the people that were killed were suspected of plotting against the Robespierre government. about 17000 were killed in all. including some philosophers. thomas Paine was almost killed too until James monroe saved him. others were suspected of supporting the Austria-Prussia alliance about to invade France.

Who was the king of France when revolution broke out?

Louis XVI, who was beheaded along with his son, the [presumptive] Louis XVII. When the monarchy was restored, Louis XVIII became king.

Which monarch was quoted i am the state?

Louis XVI