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I am trying to find the same thing. I found one of these rifles, and would like info as well.

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โˆ™ 2007-11-03 20:15:49
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Q: What info is there on a Ranger 22 semi auto rifle model 101-11A?
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Were can you find parts for a Ranger model 101-16 22 cal rifle semi auto magazine tube fed?

gunpartscorp. com

Western auto 22 rifle ranger 101.16?


What is the value of a Revelation rifle made by western auto supply?

It would help if you gave the model, cal, and condition of the rifle. Western Auto Revelation had hunderds of rifles for sale.

Squidman Model 16 22RF Semi Auto Rifle?


How much is western auto 22magnum rifle model?


Model 205 western auto 30-30?

It is POSSIBLE that your rifle was made by Mossberg as their Model 472PCA.

Were can you find parts for a Ranger model 101 13 22 cal rifle semi auto magazine tube fed?

Try gun shops, gun shows, want ads,

Semi-auto rifle browning model 1?

Please ask a question

What is the value of a revelation 5115-4X rifle?

Please check your model number and repost. That is not listed as a Revelation rifle model, but it IS the model number of a 4 power telescope sold by Western Auto.

How much is a marlin 22 long rifle semi auto rifle worth?

If you have a model 60 then 50-100 dollars.

Who made the revelation model R220a?

Made for Wsetern Auto Stores by Mossberg, it is their Model 800C. Nice rifle.

Who made the revelation model r220b long rifle from western auto supply coixzz1lwll33hb?

It is a Mossberg Model 800.

How old is marlin model 98 22 cal bolt action rifle?

Marlin made a model 98 semi-auto .22cal rifle from 1957-1959.They also made a model 980 bolt action .22cal rifle from 1962-1970.They did not make a model 98 bolt action rifle in .22caliber.

How old is a Browning Semi Auto Rifle Model 77303M9?

YOu will have to call Browning for the decade.

Who made the western auto model 100 22 rifle?

It may be a bolt action Mossberg model 321-320

What is the value for a Remington 22 long rifle model 19?

I don't believe there ia a model 19, a semi-auto? Possibly a 16? Is it a semi-auto 6 shot?

How old is a Western Auto model 100 22slr bolt-action rifle?

It was made by Mossberg around 1930 plus a few years. It was a low budget bolt action rifle Mossberg model 321 or 320 under the Western Auto name

Where can you find information on an old tube fed semi auto 22 Winchester Model B 1077517 rifle?

What is a Winchester Model B? With a serial number that high, I think it could only be a Model 12 shotgun or a Model 94 rifle.

Who made the Ranger 101-13 22 rifle?

The rifle is a Stevens 87 seni auto 22 Ranger was a Sears brand before World War 2. Sears guns sold after the war were sold under the JC Higgins brand. What you have is a pre war rifle made in the late 30s to 1941.

What is this rifle worth Ranger 22cal lr tubular fed semi-auto mod 101.16?

25-125 USD or so

The cost of a new Remington model 7400 semi-auto rifle?

500 USD or so.

Did marlin make a 22 mag auto loading rifle?

Yes Marln made a 22 mag auto loder model 922

Who made the Revelation model 200 m 30-30 for western auto supply co?

Revelation model 200-2550 lever action rifle was made by the marlin firearms company.It is a Model 336 Marlin rifle.

How old is a Marlin Model 49 22 Cal Semi Auto Rifle?

Model 49, 1968-1971. The Model 49DL was made 1971-1978.

What is value of Winchester octagon pump action rifle 1911?

Winchester made a model 1890,model 1906,a model 61,and a model 62 pump action rifle during there production years but never a model 1911 rifle.Winchester did make a model 1911 semi-auto shotgun.