What information does sales budget provide?

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Sales budget provides the information about how many units of products needs to be sold and it is the basic information on which remaining budgets are prepared like production budgets or proforma financial statements.

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Q: What information does sales budget provide?
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A sales budget should be prepared before the production budget?

Yes sales budget is the starting point for budeting process as it provides the important information about how many units needs to be sell.

Who prepare a sales budget?

sales manger is responsible for preparing the sales budget.

What is a sales budget?

A sales budget is the very first budget to be produced. it has for purpose to project what is ahead by using past performances record. A sales budget is not about cost but about how much money you can get. Its main components are Price x volume= Sales budget.

What is The usual starting point for a master budget?

the sales forecast or sales budget.

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How do you write a hypothetical sales budget?

Sales budget is simplest to make, here is layout of it: Sales Budget Number of units to be sold 1000 Sales price per unit 10 Total sales 10000

What variance is the difference between the actual sales and the flexible budget sales?

Actual sales (quantity ) = flexible budget sales (quantity ) , because the flexible budget is prepared based on the actual activity level (units sold ) to avoid misleading of compering the static budget sales and actual sales

Which budget is prepared first?

The sales budget is the first budget to be prepared.

True or false-The direct labor budget begins with sales in units from the sales budget?


Why is the Sales budget the first budget to be prepared?

Budgets promote efficiency and serve as a deterrent to waste? A sales budget should be prepared before the production budget?

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