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What information is kept in a diary?

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Who kept the most famous diary?

The most famous diary is Anne Frank's diary.

Anne was a yuong girl who kept a diary about the days she was hiding during?

The holocaust, she was a Jew hdidng from the Germans while she kept a diary about it.

How do you use diary in a sentence?

The boy had a diary in which he kept record of is day at school

Kept a diary recording daily events?

Samuel Pepys

Who kept detailed diary at the Constitutional Convention?

James Madison

Who found and kept Anne Franks diary?

Miep Gies

Who did Pythagoras get information from?

Out of my diary

How did anyone know were Anne frank was hiding?

anne kept a diary

Did Samuel pepys bury his diary?

no, he preserved it and after he died it was kept in a library

What young girl kept a diary about her days hiding?

Anne Frank.

Did Margot Frank have a diary?

Anne mentions several times in her own dairy that Margot also kept a diary, though no trace of Margot's diary has ever been found.

Did Laura Ingalls Wilder have a diary?

There seems to be no evidence Laura kept a diary, though her daughter Rose was a life-long diarist.

When did the diary of Anne Frank take place?

Anne Frank kept her diary from 1942-1944, writing most of it while she was in hiding from the Nazis.

What type of information is kept on a database?

All types of information may be kept in a database.

Who kept a diary on the great fire of London?

Samuel Pepys. (Pronounced Peeps)

What were some successes of Anne Frank?

she kept diary which turned in to a famous book

Did Franklin Pierce have a journal?

Yes. Franklin Pierce kept a war diary.

4 What types of information must you obtain for diary entries?

Information that is needed for diary entries is time, duration, date, venue and attendees.

What information is needed to maintain a diary system?


Who finds and keeps Anne Frank's diary?

Miep Gies finds and keeps Anne's diary(she helped her family hide in the Secret Annex from Nazi). She kept Anne's diary in a drawer of her desk.

What jewish girl kept a famous diary in world war 2?

Anne Frank.

Where did Anne Frank leave her diary when she was hiding from the Nazis?

She kept it with her until they were captured by the germans

Who is the antagonist of diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever?

that thing that kept taping on the window

What was Anne Franks accomplishments?

Anne frank kept her diary during world war two

What is the theme of the novel Anne Frank and you?

Anne Frank kept a diary. She didn't write a novel.