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You'll need assurances that there are no other leins or encumberances. A title insurance company will help you there.

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What happens after foreclosure?

After Foreclosure, One should find a decent, affordable place to live and to start rebuilding credit.The best way to plan the next step, is to learn as much as he can about the rental and home buying options after foreclosure.

What to do after foreclosure?

After foreclosure, your top priority should be to find a decent, affordable place to live and to start rebuilding your credit. The best way to plan your next steps is to learn as much as you can about your rental and home buying options after foreclosure.

What to expect in foreclosure of condo not primary home?

The foreclosure of a condominium unit upon which you hold a mortgage should proceed like any other foreclosure.

The home buying center?

The Home Buying Center is a house buying company there website is They also sell foreclosure houses cheap. My friend Bob used The Home Buying Center and bought a house way less than through a real estate agent.

How would one go about buying a foreclosure home in Denver?

The first step in buying a Denver foreclosure property is to get a hold of foreclosure listings. Once neighborhood property values have been assessed, Denver investors will want to drive by the home to view its conditions. The trustee will read each bid that is entered for all to hear, ultimately transferring the property to the highest bidder.

How long will a foreclosure affect your buying a new home?

Foreclosure notations can appear within the account listing itself, called a "tradeline" and the actually legal filing of foreclosure can appear within the public records portion of your credit report. Any tradelines with derogatory information are shielded from view after 7 years. The legal entry can appear for 7 years from the date of filing.

Where can one find more information about buying a home for the first time?

A person can go to their local bank to gather information about buying a home for the first time. They can also get information about mortgages for this home this way too.

If make partial payment on home in foreclosure after 6 months will this delay foreclosure?

You should contact a Realtor who specializes in Short Sales so they can negotiate your situation with your bank to stop the foreclosure.

Can someone really benefit from buying a foreclosure home?

Yes, the buyer can get the property for an extremely lower price than what its probably worth.

How long after foreclosure do you have to vacate your home in California?

Generally, if you are the owner you should be prepared before the foreclosure sale. You will be given notice of the time and date of the foreclosure sale. When the foreclosure sale takes place and the property is sold you will no longer have the right to enter the premises. You should remove your personal belongings before the sale.

Where can you find help with our home foreclosure?

There's plenty of ways to help with your home foreclosure. If you really would need to stick to it, you should apply for loans everywhere or just temporary have someone rent the house.

Can you rent out your home while home is in foreclosure?

Yes you can, but in most states you have to tell the potential tenant about this foreclosure.

Where can you find more information to stop foreclosure?

If you want to stop foreclosure on your home your best bet is to call the company you have a mortgage through and ask them if there is any type of payment plan they can work out with you.

Can a second mortgage put your home in foreclosure?

Yes, any unpaid mortgage can put your home in jeopardy of foreclosure.

In California what is the time limit for moving out of a foreclosure?

what is the time for foreclosure on a home in california?

If your renting a home in foreclosure when do you stop paying rent?

Not until there is a foreclosure sale.

Where can one get free home foreclosure help online?

The site eHow gives information about home foreclosures. There is also another site called ForeClosures Help which offers information to help homeowners.

To whom would one go for advice regarding a home foreclosure?

In the United States, there are government programs in place to help homeowners avoid foreclosure on their home. Some of these programs can help to lower monthly mortgage payments and interest rates. The USA Government website is an excellent source of information for someone facing foreclosure.

What is a pre foreclosure home?

A pre-foreclosure home is a home in which the owner is in immediate danger of losing their home, possibly due to unpaid loans or mortgages, but has not lost it yet.

Can you get approved for a home after foreclosure?

You are typically off the market for about 3-4 years after a foreclosure.

When buying a forclosure home what is the definition of foreclosure?

Foreclosure is a horrible thing to happen to anybody. With economy so bad recently different procedures are being done so then there are not so many homeless families. The definition of foreclosure is when the bank or business takes possession of a mortgaged property, resulting in making a family leave the premises.

Can you rebuy your foreclosure home?

If you have the cash.

Do you have to pay something in a home foreclosure?


Buying a foreclosure?

Buying a foreclosure means that you can save a lot of money, but it can come with some problems too. For example, there could be vagrants living at the property, there could be some damage to the home, roof repairs could be needed--basically any number of things could need repair. You may find yourself in a bind for extensive repairs if the mortgage company will not loan on a house that does not meet HUD rules and the foreclosure agency will not allow you to touch the house until it is yours - or fix it prior to sale. These sales do take time, so you should be patient.

Where can I find an online site to help me prevent a bank foreclosure on my home?

The best place to go for advice on this issue is the official government website Here you can find all the information you need to avoid this.