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Your business papers such as partnership agreements, joint venture agreements. Your income documents: W-2's, 1099 Misc income stmts, unemployment income, K-1's from S corporations or partnerships, royalty income, rental income, bank interest received, IRA distributions, and all other income. Social security numbers or IRS numbers for all your dependents or spouse. Expenses: Personal expenses such as medical insurance and expenses. State taxes paid. Home mortgage interest paid. Contributions to charities. Employee expenses. Union dues. Investment expenses. Business expenses: Expenses totaled by category. Office supplies, cost of goods sold, advertising, mileage, equipment used the business, rent, wages paid,etc. If you have separate business, (eg rentals, bike shop, coffee shop) list income and expenses independently for each business. Most tax Accountants will provide new clients with a "Packet" that asks pertinent questions and also lists what items you should bring.

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Q: What information should you take to a meeting with a tax accountant?
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The best class to take is Accounting. You should also take Bookkeeping, Auditing, and Financing classes as well. They will all help you become the best accountant you can be.

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You would take the CPA exam to become a Certified Public Accountant.

What subjects should you take in school if i want to be an accountant?

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Someone can take a chartered accountant course from various educational institutions such as Universities and Colleges. For example, York University offers a number of chartered accountant courses.

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Very advisable to improve your mathermatical skills for this type of job.

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What should you do right after an interview?

Take out a piece of paper and make notes on the meeting.

What subjects to take at college to become a accountant?

Truly you don't even need to go to college to be an accountant. Anyone can be one, there is no rules to say if you are or are not. But that's the same with a builder, anyone can be one although it does not guarantee that you are a good one. To be a good accountant you should look up subjects requirements for CA or CPA qualification entrance and do those because then you will be a chartered or certified accountant and be more legit.

What are the importances of meeting minutes in conducting a meeting?

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if u want to become an accountant u need to have a good math background. Subjects that u need in high school should include: math offcourse accounting, bussines and information technology,,,, u can also take more subjects if u want more knowledge about bussines,,,entrepreneurship, marketing and management.

Do you need to take calculus to be an accountant?

It depends on what college you attend. Most universities in Missouri require you to take Calculus I in order to become an accountant.

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If you haven't slept in twenty four hour's should you go to a two hour meeting?

Probably not, unless you take a nap before if its a really import meeting :)

How long does it take to be an accountant?

it takes 3 years

How many exams do accountant need to take?


Can one become an accountant without paper qualifications?

You cannot get an accountant job without paper qualifications. You can either get an accounting degree or have a degree in something else but take an exam to become an accountant.

What step should a management accountant take if established written policies provide insufficient guidance on how to handle an ethical conflict?

Should you take a salary with an S Corporation?

This is a question best answered by your own personal accountant and may change from one state to the other.

What qualfications are needed to become an accountant?

To become an accountant you must have a degree. To become certified you must take the state test and pass.

The states legislators decided that a meeting to fix the Articles of Confederation should take place in?


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You need to take Invesments

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