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Your hotmail account will tell you how many email you have stored in your account and how much free space is their in your email box

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What is tila tequila's hotmail account?

If Tila Tequila has a Hotmail account, she does not give the information out to the general public. She does have a Facebook account where she interacts daily with fans.

How do you deleat a hotmail?

When you log in it will give you the option to delete account or email their help address

Why isn't hotmail working?

Well, if your e-mail is on Hotmail, then you are experiencing that Hotmail has a phishing scam. DO NOT give ANY info. They will take your account and buy stuff and you wont have any money.Hope this helps,Brookles99.

How can someone access your hotmail account to read your email?

Trust me the only way people can access your account and read your emails is if you give them your password.

How do you get hotmail?

Go to and there will be an sign that says ''Hotmail''. Click it and follow the instructions on how to get Hotmail. If you don't have an MSN account, it might ask you to sign up. Thats the hard way. Google hotmail and click on MSN Hotmail and it will bring you to hotmails main screen and click on sign up and give your info on you and there you go.

How much storage does your hotmail account have?

Windows live hotmail offers 5GB free storage with free hotmail accounts and 10GB storage for hotmail plus accounts. althoug the storage grows along with time. means that if you full your storage in years not weeks they will give you additional storage by just solving a captcha.

What can teens do to protect themselves on the Internet?

Never give your name, address or phone number out. Not even your email, unless it is a hotmail account.

Should i give a debt collector my bank account number?

NEVER give your bank account information nor your employment information to debt collectors..

Would IT training help me with everyday usage of my computer?

Yes, IT training will give you the foundation in information technology that can help you maximize your computer usage.

Some one change your hotmail password and secret question how you recover your password?

Don't ever give your password out to anyone. You cannot change your password without logging into your account - you could however send a brief letter to the hotmail contacts and let them know what has happened. Otherwise switch over to a new account and forward any contacts that you have a change of account and to use the new one. If you choose the latter then also send a letter to the hotmail contact (customer service) and ask them to close your old account due to a breach.

Is it safe to give a landlord your bank account information?

It is generally safe to give a landlord your bank account information. They are usually responsible and need it for credit checks or guarantees of payment.

How do you make YouTube account?

Simple. Just sign yourself up as a new user and make up a username and password. Yeah i know, but sometimes its doesnt give you the full account and u try everything to make it a full account and also it say u need ur email address and u got to do it on hotmail i think... but like when u do ur email on hotmail what do u do after when u do it go back to youtube or something then it will give u a full account?

What is the password of Cloe Corinthian's facebook account?

WikiAnswers does not give out personal information such as account passwords.

Does hotmail email and msn give you a virus?


where we can ask more information about opening a savings account?

If you need information about a savings account ask your local bank for the information. They should be able to give you detailed information as well as most likely open the account while you're there.

Can anyone give you a real buildabear account?

You may not ask for, offer, or share account information on WikiAnswers.

What is mley cyrus's real Hotmail?

She doesn't give information out to fans, only to family and close friends, if any fans do get hold of her email she changes it.

How to chat on hotmail?

To chat on hotmail first of all, you will need to download Windows Live Messenger (This download won't give you viruses!) So once that is downloaded sign into Windows Live Messenger with your email and password for your email account then you will be able to chat (and when on hotmail once you have downloaded Windows Live Messenger then from your emails you can also chat from your inbox) hope this helped

How do you confirm Facebook?

when you sign up you have to give them your email address. once you give that to them and submit the account information you will get a confirmation email. the email has a link that will confirm your account.

How can you close your hotmail account?

InstructionsTo close your account temporarily, one can simply sign out of their email account. The sign-out tab is usually located at the top right hand corner of the page.However, there may be a need to permanently close your hotmail account. There are various reasons to close your account but you are not required to give an account for such reasons. You can simply close your account at whatever time is convenient for you or for whatever reasons.To close your Windows Live Hotmail Account, simply go to the Close Your Account page and then click Close Account. Once the account is close, all incoming emails to that particular address are refused and all stored messages will be permanently deleted. However, the account will be reserved for another two hundred and seventy days. Afterwards, the email address will become available for others to use.To be more specific, if you have an email account on MSN Hotmail/Windows Live, simply sign intothe account. At the bottom of the page, there is a link titled Help Center. Click on the link. A new page will appear. On the left side of the page, there is another link titled Help Center Home. Select it. On the new page, a set of frequently asked questions will appear; at the end of the page there will be a link How Do I Close My Account (etc). Click on the link and follow the instructions which follow on that page to close your account.The page will inform you and also provide you with a specific link to go to in order to close the account. Click on the link Windows Live Account Overview. This link will take you to another web page for you to sign in again with your Windows Live ID.You will be required to go to Additional Options to select Close AccountAfterwards, you will be required to verify your Windows Live ID and give your password. You will then click Yes to close your account.Tips and WarningWhen you close your account all your information such as contacts, emails, username and password will be gone. However, some of your personal information will still be in existence. This information was collected when you set up the account initially. You might have used other Microsoft services and other companies which collected such personal information. This information is tracked to find out what you use. This information basically helps the company to offer a morepersonalized and convenient service in one site or rather one account. There are additional uses for your personal information. There is no need to be perturbed; in general, the information is used to help provide better services and products and create more convenience

Does anybody have a spare Stardoll giftcode or account?

WikiAnswers does not give out this type of information.

What is Taylor Lautner's real MSN account?

WikiAnswers does not give out personal information on celebrities or indivivuals. His real MSN account is classified.

How can you recover your account on runescape if you didnt set uestions?

Give them as much information as possible so that jagex can determine whether it was your account or not.

What is Kim Kardashian's Real Facebook account?

Wiki doesn't give out information about people.

Does Taylor Swift have a hotmail?

I don't know, but if she did she wouldn't give it to the public!

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