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The basic ingredients required to make French toast are eggs and bread. It is a very simple yet delicious dish that can be quickly made by even the most novice cook

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2013-04-19 22:02:15
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Q: What ingredients are needed to make French toast?
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What ingredients do you put in to make french toast?

bread, eggs, salt, and butter

How do you make french toast sandwich?

two pieces of french toast with egg and sausage in the middle and there's french toast sandwich

Is French toast made with eggs?

Yes, toast is typically dipped in an egg mixture and then pan-fried to make French toast.

Do you need eggs to make french toast?

yes.otherwise it would just be toast

Is French toast actually French?

French toast actually did originate in France, the French peasants used leftover baguettes to make it. Of course, it's been Americanized, so the French toast you're used to probably isn't the same as the original French toast.

Can you make french toast with milk?


Is it as easy to make baked French toast, as it is to make regular French toast?

Yes the two recipes are actually very similar and are both widely available on the internet. The french toast recipe is available on many websites such as and the baked french toast recipe is available on .

Can you make french toast with sandwitch bread?

Yes, that is how I learned to make it.

Is there a microwave toaster 0ven that can actually make toast?

There are not microwave toaster oven that can make toast. Toast comes from bread, flour and water. You have to mix those three ingredients together, and then allow the dough to rise, and then bake it, in order to make bread for toast.

Do you put milk in the bowl when you make french toast?

yes you do

What are the ingredients needed to make ATP?


How do you make french toast without eggs?

The point of having french toast is having eggs in it. You could also try the pancake mix that comes with eggs in it.

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