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There are many ingredients that can create Restore Health potions, though some require a higher Alchemy skill before that particular property is visible. However even a novice alchemist can use ingredients like Aloe Vera Leaves, Sweetcakes, Cairn Bolette Cap, Boar Meat, Mugwort Seeds, Venison and Lady's Mantle Leaves.

The key to making a good healing potion though is not determined by the ingredients, as every ingredient provides them same healing effect. What determines the strength of the potion is your alchemy skill, and the quality of the alchemical equipment you use.

The more poor potions you make, the more chance you've got of increasing your alchemy skill, and in time, you'll be making more effective potions.


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to be honest the best thing to do is experiment with them. i was throwing ingredients together at random and made a potion worth 300gold

Visiting any of the Altars of the Nine Divines (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)Casting the Restoration spell Cure Disease on yourselfUsing any potion that has the Cure Disease effect.

Use a healing potion ("Healing Potion I" for example). Or go to the Healing Springs where your pet may be healed.

You visit the healing springs in Faerieland, or buy a Healing potion, which will be named using a roman numeral depending on strength, such as "Healing Potion I" or "Healing Potion X".

She prepared him a healing potion.

If you are a vampire, a blood potion replaces the need for a feeding.

Potion ingredients are ingredients that are required to make potions.

You have to look around the potion room to find the ingredients.

First you need to combine a regular water bottle with a Nether Wart to make an Awkward Potion. Then combine the Awkward Potion with a Glistering Melon to make Potion of Healing. The full brewing chart can be found below.

you can either buy a healing potion, or you can go to the healing springs in faerieland.

Poisons can be used simply just my using them like you would a normal potion, only it will give you the option to add it to your weapon ( bow or melee ) it will work for only one use though.

A potion is a mixture of ingredients which is thought to achieve a specific effect though the use of magik.

The potion contest is over. You would of got equus for that ingredients that you didn't use.

They do not have any health to fight, but you can refill it with a healing potion or at the Healing Springs in Faerieland

Each potion he makes has seven ingredients. Each of the ingredients are based on what he wants the potion to do. It also has a liquid base The first five are based on the five senses, something that can connect the sense with the intent of the potion. The sixth is for intellect and the seventh is for will.

Lucy carried a healing potion with her. It was a gift from Santa.

Ashwinder eggs, the rest are unknown.

go to the gates of buron and talk to the shopkeeper. (u need the extension)

It lets you carry more than your usual weight capacity.

They are frequently found in random loot. Or you can make one yourself if you are good at alchemy.

To make a Guthix Balanced potion the follow ingredients are required. A garlic Balanced Potion and Silver dust. Mixing all three will make a potion good for three servings.

It depends to the type of potion you want to make, however a potion consists of herbs and water and other magical ingredients. There are many different potions and different ingredients. You must know very well what you are doing because some herbs are poisonous and potions can be dangerous.

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