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What ingredients prolong the life of a cut flower?

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2008-05-07 17:26:31

There are many simple, household ingredients that can be used to

prolong the life of cut flowers. Anything that will increase the

acidity of the water thus lowering the pH level will help the

flowers. Possibilities include (but are not limited to) aspirin,

vinegar, 7up or any lemon/lime soda, and real lemon or lime juice.

Sugar is thought to provide nutrients to the cut flowers. Some type

of bleach additive is also recommended because it prevents the

growth of bacteria in the water. The best mix would include

something acidic, plus sugar, plus a little bleach although any of

these individually is thought to be better than plain tap water.

The powder packets provided by florists contain a mix of acid,

sugar and an anti-bacterial of some sort.

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