What injerindances is in coleslaw?

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Which language is the word coleslaw borrowed from?


Can you can coleslaw?

No. Coleslaw is a raw salad. Canning would cook it, so you would not have coleslaw anymore.

How many calorie in coleslaw?

there are 146.8 calories in coleslaw

Can you put potatoes in coleslaw?

Coleslaw can be served with potatoes. Some people prefer to add potatoes, some do not. If you do want to put potatoes into the coleslaw, make sure you cook them until tender; potato coleslaw.

What is Coleslaw?

Coleslaw is a kind of a salad that the vegetables are mix together with a special sauce

How many calories are there in a gram of coleslaw?

Coleslaw has about 1.5 calories per gram.

How many syllables does coleslaw have?

The word coleslaw has two syllables. (cole-slaw)

How much coleslaw feeds 40 people?

How much coleslaw will feed 40 people?

Is coleslaw one word or two?

one! coleslaw yep definatly one!

How do you keep coleslaw from turning brown?

How do I keep coleslaw from turning dark

How many calories in coleslaw?

Normal Coleslaw- 1 tablespoon, or 40g is equal to 1 point.Reduced Fat Coleslaw- 1 tablespoon, or 40g is equal to half a point.

What is a good recipe for coleslaw dressing?

There are lots of really good recipes online for coleslaw dressing.A couple of really good recipes are available on

What is a coleslaw addicted son?

A coleslaw addicted son is some one who would quite gladly replace there mount with a valve to a coleslaw making factory and would if they could bathe, eat, sleep and even take a PHD in coleslaw. You shold Mock him whenever you get the chance. Happy Family Filming By a concerned/ mortified coleslaw addicted son watcher

How much coleslaw will it take to feed 250 people?

A serving of coleslaw is three quarters of a cup. To feed 250 people, you should probably make around 250 cups of coleslaw.

What is raising cane's coleslaw recipe?

The exact recipe for Cane's coleslaw is kept private. A copycat recipe suggests combining coleslaw dressing onions, green peppers, and shredded cabbage.

How many calories in a tablespoon of coleslaw?

It depends on the type of coleslaw, but it would be roughly 25 to 50 calories.

Is coleslaw a citrus?

No. Coleslaw is finely-shredded raw cabbage, usually dressed with a vinaigrette salad dressing.

How many calories in jacket potato with cheese and coleslaw?

How many calories in a jacket potato cheese and coleslaw

Can you keep coleslaw in the freezer?


What is the best coleslaw you can get?


Does KFC coleslaw contain chicken oil?

no- only salads and flavourings- spices and water make the sauce 4 the coleslaw

What actors and actresses appeared in Coleslaw Warehouse - 1992?

The cast of Coleslaw Warehouse - 1992 includes: Don McKellar

How many people will 6 pounds of coleslaw feed?

6 Pounds of coleslaw can feed around 45 - 50 people

When was coleslaw invented?

The first recipe for coleslaw appeared in a Dutch cookbook in 1770. It contained shredded cabbage, oil, and vinegar. The coleslaw that was know today wasn't invented until 250 years later with the invention of mayonnaise.

How long does coleslaw cook in the crock pot?

Coleslaw by my definition is shredded cabbage, and optional ingredients ie carrot, purple cabbage, onion. After all ingredients are in the bowl add a sauce. I use mayonnaise. Best place to look is internet recipes for coleslaw sauces. I've never heard of coleslaw in a crock pot....