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HP produces many printers and they all don’t take the same ink. There is a number on the front of the printer this will tell you what printer ink you need.

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This is a terrible terrible printer, even most of the software that comes with it doesn't work, nor does the HP instant help feature

You can learn about hp printer ink by visiting a tech savvy website like tigerdirect, that not only teaches you about hp printer ink and compares the inks to other inks that are compatible with your printer. You will also be able to find rebates that allow you to trade in old printer inks cartridges in exchange for credit, that can be redeemed on your next ink purchase.

The inks that printers use are cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. It comes out from a inkjet in tiny little dots and that is what makes up the color images.

HP inks can all be used with HP printers, as long as the model is listed on the cartridge. Other third parties can be used as well.

HP ink might be able to use in a different brand printer, but it is recommended that it be used in the HP printer. If you prefer to use HP ink, try buying a HP printer.

The printer that uses the HP 92 and 93 ink cartridges is the HP 5442 printer. Other printers that use the ink include the HP 6500 and the HP D4100.

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