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Instrument that starts with K?

kettle drum

What does a kettle drum sound like?

The kettle drum is a large orchestral drum similar to the Timpani. The kettle drum however has a tuning pedal that allows the player to shift the pitch of the instrument while playing by varying the head tension.

What are kettle drums called in an orchestra?

A kettle drum is called a timpani

What kind of instrument is a tympani?

A tympani, also known as a kettle drum, is a percussion instrument.

Is there a instrument named a Tiffany?

You may be thinking of timpani. Timpani is a class of drum most commonly called kettle drums.

What percussion instrument is named after its shape?

The TriangleI believe that would be the kettle drum .

Which type of drum has adjustable pitch?

The timpani or sometimes called kettle drum.

Which orchestral musician plays the kettle?

Plays the kettle?A kettle drum is played by a percussionist.A kettle (for boiling water) can have a mouthpiece fitted and be played as a wind instrument, like the brass section of an orchestra.

What is a kettle called starting with D?

Dutchoven Drum

What kind of instrument would most likely describe the ancient meso American huehuetl?

kettle drum

What section of the orchestra does the kettle drum belong to?

The kettle drum, or timpani, is part of the percussion section (as are all types of drum).

What is a kettle drum?

It's a African drum!-

What is a belly dance instrument called?

Tabla - which is the drum like instrument

What is the name of a musical instrument with 10 letters?

bongo drumsgrand pianobass guitarkettle drumtambourine

What is the name of a drum beginning with the letter t?

The latin word for drum is timpanum. The kettle drums in an orchestra are called timpani.

What is the name of large drums used to provide musical accompaniment?

One type of large drum is called a Kettle Drum

What is bigger kettle drum or the bass drum?

depends...usually the kettle drum. However, both range in size, so there may be some instances where a bass is bigger than a very high pitched kettle

Is a kettle drum the same as a steel drum?

No, one is made out of kettle and one is made out of steel, but they are both types of meta.

What kind of instrument is the drum?

The drum is a percussion instrument.

What instrument do they play in India?

They play the two-headed drum, also called the Naal drum.

Is a drummer a musician?

A drum is a musical instrument. A person who plays the drum to a proficient level is called a musician.

Kitchen quiz - type of drum found in the kitchen?

kettle drum

Which type of drum is an orchestra is the same word as a kitchen implement?

The "kettle" drum.

What is another name for a kettle drum?

A timpani is the word used to describe kettle drums.

What is another name for the kettle drum?