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What instruments did Clara Schumann write music for?

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Her & her husband, RObert Schumann, both composed classical music.

Clara Schumann wrote no symphonies. She did, however, write a singal piano concerto (in A minor) before she married Robert Schumann, as well as a fair amount of chamber music and piano pieces.

she wrote classical and international

Clara Schumann composed 66 works, 20 for solo piano and 4 for piano and orchestra. Her output was restricted owing to her commitments of raising 8 children and also her career as a concert pianist.

A partial listing, with dates, of Clara Schumann's works is available on Wikipedia at

Schumann wrote many different kinds of music but he is probably the most famous for, and considered a master of, the German Lied, or art song. It is usually a German poem that affected the composer emotionally in a deep way, and so composers like Schumann would write the music based on that emotion.

He wrote music for many instruments, but perhaps his most famous instrumental work is for the piano.

mozart was Austrianand wrote music for classical instruments (piano, violin, etc.) and his music was played in Italian. Jonas Brothers Rule

With words, notes in music, and some instruments.

He mainly made music for the piano and he did write some music for the flute. He also wrote music for the drums also and one more was the saxophone. I think that's how you spell it! :)

There is no Hebrew translation for either Richard or Clara, but you can write these names phonetically as: Richard - "ריצ'רד". Clara - "קלרה".

Sheetmusic for organs.AnswerBach composed both sacred and secular works for choir, orchestra, and solo instruments.

Bach did not write during the Romantic period. Bach composed during the Baroque period.Composer during the Romantic era, Robert Schumann wrote many symphonies, orchestral music and choral pieces.

Music that uses a small number of instruments and a small range of musical 'colours'. I believe it came about in reaction to some composers who liked to write for very large orchestras.

He wrote what we call classical music including operas, string quartets, piano sonatas, concertos for different instruments, program music, symphonies, and ballets. That's the type of music he wrote, but the style he wrote in was Romantic.

She does write some of her own music but some people write music for her too.

Oh no he does not write music.

Yes he dose write his own music

Bach did not write classical music. He wrote baroque music.

Think of something that inspires, you write it down, then put it into music then add instruments and you have a song! ___________________ If it can be explained to you, it's not inspiration. Just jump in. If you want it badly enough, you'll figure it out.

Mahler wrote for all instruments. There is not one instrument in the standard romantic orchestra that Mahler didn't write for. Instruments that he wrote more solo material for than any other instrument would be trumpet, french horn, oboe, timpani and violin.

You can write music by expressing your feelings and think about something that you really want to write.

Their vocal instruments were a match made in heaven!

음악 that's how you write "music"

"Write" is a verb and therefore is the same applied to singular and plural, for example:"I write the music." and "They write the music."

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