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What insurance coverage do you need for a ceramics business?


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A Business owners package policy should cover your studio for some property and the liability of your product and premesis. You might need to add on property coverage for your products if they are expensive or you maintain a lot of inventory and I would be careful about how you value it for insurance purposes. If your business has employees you need work comp, if you have vehicles for the business you need to get commercial auto insurance.

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Yes, you will need insurance coverage. In most instances, your business insurance will cover equipment leases.

A small business would need health insurance coverage to offer peace of mind to the owner and workers as it means if something happens they are covered and do not need to worry about expensive hospital bills.

A certificate of insurance is necessary to show coverage limits. Any business you plan to deal with should hold a current certificate of insurance to be sure coverage is current.

Forget he is your son. You must treat him like any other employee you would hire in respect to insurance coverage requirements. <><><> California law requires any business with even ONE employee have Worker's Comp insurance. If your son is an employee of the business, then yes, you need it.

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The coverage you need will be specific to your own needs. The best way to asses the coverage you'll need is to speak with someone at the insurance agency that holds your policy. They can help you decide what kind of coverage you'll need.

Insurance definitions found on the web can explain property and liability insurance more in detail. However the type of business you have will tell you what type of coverage you will need.

Your husband would do best in seeking out commercial property insurance of an all-risk policy, which covers those problems known to be common with small business.

Renters InsuranceNo. Your renters Insurance Policy is personal lines residential tenants coverage. It should provide coverage for your "Personal Property" and may have some liability and personal injury coverage as well. Your Renters or "Tenants Policy" would not cover your business property nor the property of another person. Your landlord is expected to have his own property coverage.If you need coverage for your business property you would need to pick up a business owners insurance policy. Your personal lines residential rental policy would not cover your business property.AnswerYou'd have to examine the contents of your vehicle insurance policy to determine what would be covered.

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the need for developing insurance business in Nigeria

The insurance that I carry for my Detail business is $500,000 policy that covers the trailer and its contents with comp and collision because I'm mobile, higher coverage for the tow vehicle, and coverage for any repair on and in the vehicle that I am working on.

Floor plan merchandise is a type of insurance coverage for inventory of certain kinds of business. The main reason for this type of coverage is that the amount of inventory fluctuates greatly during the year. Such as a retail jewelry store that has much higher amounts of coverage during holiday seasons. It allows them to have the coverage they need at the times that they need it. Sometimes this is also affiliated with reporting forms where the business reports the amount of their inventory usually on a monthly basis.

I've been in the Insurance Business 30 years, my Dad & Grandfather both were too. They taught me that if the client has the money for the premium, we have the policy. What is the need for the coverage?

Yes you can. In fact, you would need your licence to get insurance coverage.

In California, anyway, you need full insurance coverage on a car the whole time it is financed. After its paid off, you can drop a bunch of the coverage and just carry liability.

If you are renting a car on vacation, your personal car insurance policy will usually cover you. If you are traveling on business, you need to check with your insurance agent. When issuing personal policies, many companies have restrictions on business-related rental coverage.

In Nebraska, you're actually not required to have full coverage. You'll only need to have minimum liability insurance.

Commercial General Liability Insurance, otherwise known as CGL provides the coverage required for contractors in the construction trades

It really depends on your individual needs for property insurance coverage, for example if you have a basic need for items held in a rented residance you can find great coverage from a number of insurance companies. If you own farmland and need greater coverage for equipment or more specific property it may be best to meet with an insurance rep to go over coverage in more detail.

You need at least $2000 uninsured motorist coverage for you auto insurance policy in the state of Georgia

you need full coverage insurance- if you do not- then you must either have a major credit card (not debit) or purchase the companies coverage.

You need nothing at hand expect you must know where you are traveling to , what period of coverage you want, and the extent of coverage.

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