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The Methodist Hospital in Houston will take insurance or cash. You will need to phone each hospital branch to find out which insurance they will accept. The phone numbers for these are on the website.

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Hospital Indemninty insurance is money that is set aside to cover any costs if a hospital employee messes up during any operations that take place during a hostpital stay.

Your health insurance will help you financially whenever you get admitted into hospital. It will take care of your all medical bills.

No. If the hospital has a contract with the insurance company, they will take care of filing the claim. If not, they will bill you and you will have to get reimbursement from the insurance company. Also, if it is a contracting provider, they have agreed to a total amount to be charged for various procedures and if the bill exceeds that amount they will write off the remainder. If they are not contracting, the insurance will still pay only the amount they think is a fair charge, less your deductible or copay, and if the hospital bill is more, you are responsible for paying the rest.

There are a few reasons. Here are some possibilities:The nearest hospital was fullYour condition required that you go to another hospital (for different equipment or staff)Your insurance required a specific hospital

Yes- just ask at the information desk. Most of the time, there are rooms on 3 Crews that are available for overnight stays. There are also hotels around the hospital that security can take you to.

The main campus of New York Methodist Hospital is at 506 6th Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn.Take the Downtown A-C-E (the blue line) from 34th Street-Penn Station to West 4th Street. Transfer at West 4th Street to the Downtown F train (of the B-D-F-M, the orange line). Take the Downtown F train to 7th Avenue (at 9th Street) in Brooklyn.You will exit the subway at the corner of 7th Avenue and 9th Street. The New York Methodist Hospital main campus is three blocks straight uptown, on 6th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.

Take a look at the paperwork you signed at the hospital, it probably states on there somewhere that YOU are responsible for any amounts not covered by your insurance coverage.That means that the hospital can try to collect any amounts, that your insurance coverage does not pay for, directly from you.If you have already reached your maximum out of pocket limit through your insurance, your insurance should pay for the total amount of the bill from the hospital... but be sure to read all the fine print of your policies for clarification of what your out of pocket max really is, what services they will pay for, how to file claims, etc.. to see why they might not have paid the entire bill.The hospital has every right to go after you for the bill though. You should be in contact with your insurance company and the hospital to get things worked out.

Your health insurance will cover you no matter how you got hurt. I can take a knife and stick it in my arm and go to the hospital and my health insurance will cover me. The only times your health insurance will not cover you is if you have specific exemptions in your coverage, which are rare.

do u take kids to school Stay and Play is on Peakwood right by the Houston Northwest hospital on 1960

Yes, Oak Hill Hospital accepts Humana PPO, HMO, Medicare+Choice PPO and HMO, Humana Tricare and Humana Veteran's Healthcare Services.

There is no such thing called National Guard insurance. If you are hurt while on duty with the National Guard, medical care can be provided at a dispensery, or at a local V.A. hospital. The National Guard does not provide medical insurance.

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If the premiums are nontaxable income to you then you would NOT be allowed to take a deduction for the amount of the premiums that your employer has paid for your medical insurance premium's.

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Print out a copy of your credit report. Contact the billing dept regarding the claim at the hospital. Have your insurance info. handy so that you can provide them w/ the current address to resubmit the claim. Then write a letter to the credit bureau, after the claim has been paid for by your insurance, asking the credit bureau's to take the derogatory claim off your report and provide them w/ a print out for the insurance claim that was finally paid.

One take insurance to be protected against.

Titan or Texas Insurance. There are also online sites that offer free quotes for insurance in your area. You can make the choice of which one you prefer to take your business to. Cheapest rates aren't always going to give you the full coverage that you need, so make sure you have all the information on the insurance you are buying.

about 1,100 miles From the Center of Phoenix to the Center of Houston the miles are: If you take the I-40 from Phoenix to Houston it's 1,308 Miles If you take the I-10 from Phoenix to Houston it's 1,175 Miles

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The assets of the decedent are subject to the debts of the estate. The debts must be paid before distribution to any beneficiary. The hospital shold be notified that the decedent owned vehicles in case it wants to take possession and sell them to satisfy the hospital bill.

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