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What insurence covers the driver who is at fault?


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Assuming that the at-fault driver maintained it at the time of the collision, his/her auto liability coverage would be triggered.


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Their own insurance would cover it if they had collision insurance.

If a taxi driver hits you, and its his fault, the cab company's insurance pays.

If the car is not insured the at fault driver paysIf the Car is insured and the car was properly lent to the at fault driver the insurance company paysProperly Lent:Owner allowed driver to take carInsurance covers other drivers when car lent.

Covers medical expensives for you and passengers, will cover damages if other driver who is at fault doesnt have insurance.

No. For example if a driver stops at green light and the driver to his rear hits him, it is the driver in front's fault.

Most of the time the insurance adjuster will look at the police report and base his investigation on that. They will get statements from both drivers and any witnesses as well but if liability is clear they will not just accept what their policyholder says. I have had a few but most of the time the adjuster will issue payment to the party who was not at fault anyway.

Only if the other driver was at fault. If the driver of the uninsured vehicle was at fault, the injured person would have to recover damages from them.

If you have comprehensive insurance, your policy will cover the damages (less a deductable). In this case, your insurance company will sue the at fault driver. You can also sue the at fault driver for damages (if you do not have comprehensive).

You will be cited for driving without insurance and the other driver being at fault, him and his insurance are still liable for damages.

The fact driver B left the scene does not change that driver A is at fault (there are exceptions to driver A being at fault)Additional: While Driver A may have been the striking vehicle, Driver B MAY be at fault for "Changing Lanes Without Caution." Regardless of the circumstances of the collision itself, Driver B can be charged with "Leaving the Scene of an Accident."

Liability insurance is an especially important type of car insurance because it covers damages that are your (the driver) fault.

No. No fault means exactly that. The driver not responsible for the accident cannot be held liable for injuries to any passengers in the at fault vehicle.

They can pursue him civilly, and the not at fault driver can also sue for damages.

In this state, your own company pays your hospital bills up to $10,000. The at fault driver pays all costs above that amount. The at fault driver pays all costs above that amount. The at fault driver pays for all car repair bills.

To tell you the truth, You both are at fault. If you go to court, usually they will tell you that it's the person that didn't have the right - of - way's fault.

All insurance policys must conform to the laws of the state that the vehicle is being driven/wreck in. Whom ever is at fault for the loss, their policy will cover the injured party. If the N.J. driver is at fault then their policy will pay the injured PA driver under the N.J. policys bodily injury coverage. Subject to the rules of the state..Is it a p.i.p. state? If so the thresold must be eclipsed.

In the UK it is the fault of the driver behind Same here in the USA

It covers bodily injury. I am a little confused with your question... It covers injuries to others if you are held or considered at fault for their injuries ex. you are held at fault in an auto acc.

Opening a door into traffic makes the door opener at fault. If the door is opened safely and some driver then runs into it, the moving driver is at fault.

There are 25 insurance companies in Nepal. 8 life insurence company 16 non life insurence company 1 life and non life insurence company

The driver of the car will always be held at fault. when police and ambulence come to the scene they will automatically say it was the bikers fault. even if it was the drivers fault

The police arbitrarily chooses which car is considered Driver one and Driver two. You have to read the report to determine who is at fault.

the driver behind is not at fault as the in front should be liable as he was negligent

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