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New York City interior design schools offer local and national programs as well as online education. Some of the best schools are Academy of Art University, The Art Institute of New York City and New York School of Interior Design.

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You can find interior design schools by googling them online. Go to, and type in "interior design schools" and it will give you schools.

Interior design courses are often taught at local schools and universities. You can contact these local schools to see who offers interior design courses.

Interior design is different than interior decoration. Programs in interior design are generally offered by colleges and universities that have architecture schools, though some art schools offer programs as well. This site lets you search interior design programs by city or state:

Interior design schools can offer a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, an Associates degree in Interior Design, and a Diploma program in Residential Design.

The best interior design schools in the US is probably the New York school of Interior design. They are by far the most known and renowned school in this field.

Most high schools have interior design. However most of the time schools are over run by cosmetology and nails. If you are looking for design that is my personal opinion is to start with nails and hair. Most colleges have interior design more than high schools do. Just wait a few years and your in!

There are many "good" interior design schools. After doing some research I found 3 interior design schools that were listed as one of the best. Those schools being, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, University of Cincinnati in Ohio and New York School of Interior Design in New York. There are also interior design schools that allow you to take courses on-line, such as Penn Foster Career School and Ashworth College. I guess it depends on your financial situation and how much time you have to put into college when deciding on a school.

There are many graduate schools that offer interior design. It is hard to give a list without knowing more about what you are looking for in a graduate school. Try a website like and search for interior design. From there, you can choose a location and see the graduate schools in that area that offer interior design. There are actually hundreds of graduate programs in interior design. Here's a good resource to find one near you :

There is a long list of accredited inteior design schools on the Council for Interior Desgin Accredation website. There you can search schools and programs and find the one that you feel is right for you in no time.

Interest in interior design schools is always consistently high, perhaps because interior design is such a vibrant, creative profession. Interior designers are in demand for their skills at creating inviting, livable interior spaces, utilizing their knowledge of texture, color, composition, design, lighting, health and safety. These are all topics taught at interior design schools and are not generally easy to learn on ones own.

If you want to be an interior designer, there are a few schools in Central California that offer beginner interior design classes. First go to local colleges to see what course offerings they have.

"There are many prestigious interior decorating schools. But, the most prestigious interior decorating schools are The Art Institute, Interior Designers Institute, Vancouver College of Art and Design, and UCLA."

There are three schools in the Orlando, FL area that offer interior design training. These schools are The Art Institutes, Academy of Art University, and Keiser University.

Westwood College offers an Interior Design Program in their College of Design. See for more information.

Portland Community College offers two year interior design degrees. Design can be a very exiting field to work in (assuming you enjoy interior design).

Yes, there are Interior Design schools in San Diego that offer financial assistance. You can get a list of them at

There are numerous online schools that offer interior decorating courses. Rhode International is just one of the schools that offer an online interior design course, including an accredited interior design program leading to a bachelor's degree.

There are a couple of Interior design schools in Houston,Texas that specialized in Interior designing. There are several fields that micro specialize in kitchen designing,floor designing and colour and interior designing Some of the interior design schools in Houston, Texas area are: Houston Community College, North Harris Montgomery Community College, Westwood College's Houston South School of Design, The Art Institute of Houston,

There are a number of schools that offer interior design courses. You could take just a course or two, or you go right ahead and get a degree.

Interior design students study drawing, design, and CAD. They also study the application of design skills to both residential and commercial properties. Most interior design schools have classes in art, architecture, design principles, textiles, and business.

There are lots of best interior design schools listed online. One can find them in large cities. The best way is to inquire at the local school where the course of Interior Design is being offered.

Interior design work can be done with no special education, but it does help. One could get a degree in interior design at most technical colleges or two-year schools.

There are many different online schools that offer courses on interior design. One of the most famous is called Design At Home. There are many different schools so research carefully to compare prices.

There are many choices if one wanted to study interior design in New York. The New York School of Interior Design is a very famous and common choice for many. The school of Sheffield Interior Design is also another option. Print That Now: Expert design and printing services based in Singapore.