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Q: What international border is the most heavily fortified in the world?
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The most heavily fortified border in the world exists between which two countries?

North and South korea

What was the name of the of the powerful fortified area located on the french border with Germany during World War 2?

The Maginot Line.

Why did France not learn from World War I and fortified the French Belgian Border aside from the Maginot Line?

because france just wanted more power

Which countries have an unguarded international borders?

The United States and Canada share the longest unguarded international border in the world.

What is international law and what is the?

International law is the law which will be abide by all the signatory countries of the world. There are broad parlances of international law ranging from trade, commerce, aviation,border security etc.

Way did France fall in World War 2 in 1940?

They were surprised and outmaneuvered by the Germans. The French heavily relied on the heavily fortified Maginot Line on the French-German border. The Germans had their Panzer tank corp crash through the thick Ardennes Forest, which the French and British allies completely ignored as a possible route of attack. The Germans successful track caused the allied defenses to split. The British made their miraculous evacuation 330,000 men and allies, leaving the French on their own.

Which two countries are connected by the world's highest paved international border crossing?

China and Pakistan. Khunjerab pass.

What two countries share the shortest international border in Africa and the world?

i am peatty shure that it is eroupe and asia... (edwardlover)

What event made Britain enter world war 1?

Officially, it was the German invasion of Belgium. Britain and Belgium had been allies for around 70 years when the war began. Additionally, since France and Germany had been enemies in the past, their border was heavily fortified on both sides, but Belgium's borders were not as heavily fortified. When the war began, Germany asked Belgium for permission to go through their territory; Belgium said no. So Germany did it anyway and conquered Belgium. When Germany launched their invasion, Britain honored their old alliance with Belgium and officially declared war.

What were the dangers of 'island hopping' in World War 2?

you are getting shot at where ever you go. then there is the fact that you are always landing on beaches which were heavily fortified. one other thing is that the japanise were crazy in ww2. they would galdly blow themselvs up to kill two marines.

How many check post have between USA Canada border?

The border between the I US and Canada is the longest international boundary in the world. There are a total of 39 legal crossing points including roads, rails and ferries.

Neutral zone between north and south Korea?

The neutral zone between North Korea and South Korea is known as the DMZ or Demilitarized Zone. It is the most heavily militarized border in the world.