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The United States and Canada share the longest unguarded international border in the world.

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United States and Canada

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Q: Which countries have an unguarded international borders?
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What two countries in North America have the longest unguarded borders?

Canada and the U.S

What are the borders called that are created by foreign countries?

They are called 'International Borders'

How you distiguish a National and international highway?

National H'ways stay within the borders of their countries. International H'ways cross borders into and through other countries.

What two countries border Utah?

Utah has no international borders.

What countries surround Colorado?

None, Colorado has no International borders.

Which is a system in which countries buy and sell goods and services across their borders?

international trade

What 2 countries share borders with israel?

The countries that share international boundaries with Israel are Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

What country has the most bordering countries?

Denmark ! :)

What two countries share the largest unguarded boundary in the world?

US and Canada

Are trains allowed to cross international borders?

Yes, trains are allowed to cross international borders as long as the countries involved agree. Amtrak regularly crosses between the United States and Canada, and trains cross regularly from Pakistan to India and back. Many trains cross borders to other countries in Europe and other places around the world.

How do borders change?

Borders can change through diplomatic negotiations between countries, wars, treaties, or independence movements. Changes can result in the creation of new borders, shifts in existing borders, or the dissolution of borders altogether. International organizations like the United Nations can also play a role in border changes by mediating disputes between countries.

What country shares international borders with the largest number of other cis countries?

The Russian Federation.the russian federation