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Q: What invention did Vanevar bush create?
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How much did the first computer cost and who created it?

Eckert and Mauchly, in their original ENIAC proposal estimated the total cost at about $50,000. When the proposal was shown to Vanevar Bush (designer of the analog Differential Analyzer) he estimated total cost at about $500,000. Bush was right.

What did Vannevar invent?

Vanevar Bush designed an electromechanical analog computer called the Differential Analyzer. Bush's machine cost about $500,000 to build. Much of the ENIAC architecture and programming system was derived from the Differential Analyzer, except ENIAC was all electronic and all digital. In Eckert and Mauchley's ENIAC proposal to the Army they estimated the cost to build at about $50,000. The Army took the proposal to Bush for evaluation, as he had the most experience with computing machines on this scale (even though his was analog and ENIAC was digital). Bush estimated cost to build at about $500,000... he was right! Vanevar Bush also had a lot to do with advising on ICBM development and the Space Program later.

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