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What invention helped to contribute to the start of the civil war and how did it help contribute to


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Several things contributed to the start of the War Between the States. The most immediate cause was the South firing on Fort Sumter. The next direct cause was the secession of the southern states from the Union.

An invention that helped start the industrial revolution was James watt's steam engine. It helped make other inventions like the steamboat and the locamotive.

the invention of the printing press was a great one! it helped to start propoganda and also helped literacy

Well, Uncle Tom's Cabin helped start the Civil War because it gave the the slaves an idea to start the underground railroad. The under ground rail road made the southerner's angry. Which helped start the Civil War.

states were fighting over slavery.

Before. The Civil War was from 1861 to 1865. The first practical typewriter was invented in 1868 and marketed in 1873. See the Related Link below.

she was the helped start the begining of the civil rights act in the 60's

He helped to start the Civil War, and the war brought about the end of slavery.

She wrote 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'.This book helped start the Civil War.It helped Britain not help the South.

Environmentalism may have started with the invention of Earth Day in 1970. It is also thought that a book released at the time about a dangerous pesticide helped start the movement.

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Answer this question… He formed the Chinese Nationalist Party following the collapse of the Qing dynasty.

Tensions between the countries involved, the rise of Hitler in Germany, and definetly the invasion of Poland by Germany.

The Union Army had more people in the start of the Civil War, also they has rail roads The Confederacy had better generals and was better at fighting Hoped this helped ;)

John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry helped contribute to the start of the Civil War by galvanizing northern anti-slave attitudes and southern paranoia. In the north, John Brown became a martyr for the abolitionist cause. His veneration caused deep mistrust in the South, who believed that the North was working to undermine their way of life through violence.

Elise graves Otis atrted her invention in 1850

Answer this question… It left China with a weak central government that was challenged by several different groups.

shortly after the invention of the 2nd religion.

B.It helped start the English Civil War.C.It played a role in the passing of harsh Penal Laws in Ireland.

Cheap labor, the Civil War, railroads, and natural resources helped to fuel industrialization in the South. The 1890's marked the start of the industrialization of not only the South but the entire United States.

She was a battlefield nurse who helped everybody. All of the soldiers loved her. Also, after the civil war, she helped start an organization to find and identify missing soldier's. I know this, because I did a biography on her at school. Nobody knew who she was. I should have done Michael Jordan instead.....

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