What invention was completed after the tom thumb locomotive?


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The transatlantic cable was completed.

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peter cooper invented Tom thumb locomotive

The Tom Thumb was a steam powered locomotive, with the steam produced by burning coal/

i think it was the stagecoach.

A+Ls** Peter Cooper built the Tom Thumb.Peter Cooper

There were two inventions in the Tom Thumb Race. There was the horse-drawn rail car, and the steam locomotive.

Peter Cooper invented the Tom Thumb.(or locomotive) It was invented during the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s. Fun Fact- The Tom Thumb was beaten in a race with a horse because it broke down right in front of the finish line. People were scared the ride a locomotive because it was rumored that if the train went too fast our blood would boil.

One of the first locomotives was known as the 'Tom-Thumb'

1830 by Peter Cooper. It is a steam powered locomotive called Tom Thumb.

On August 28, 1830 Peter Cooper's locomotive called the Tom Thumb, was challenged to a race with a stagecoach out side of Baltimore. The locomotive was in the lead until a belt broke bringing the machine to a stand still allowing the stagecoach to complete the race before them.

1830sPeter Cooper only improved upon the train idea from Great Britian and brought it to the US. He made a small example locomotive called Tom Thumb. By the 1860s, about 30,000 miles of railroad was in the US.

I do not know. Could Somebody please answer this? I've got homework due on Monday about this. A. Long 5th grader

He was as big as a my thumb.

The first railroad built in the United States was Baltimore and Ohio Railroad which was called BandO. The first steam locomotive was nicknamed Tom Thumb.

The Tom Thumb was invented in 1830 by Peter Cooper.

Tom Thumb was the first American-built steam locomotive to operate on a common-carrier railroad. Designed and constructed by Peter Cooper in 1830, it was built to convince owners of the newly formed Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) to use steam engines and not intended to enter revenue service.

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Peter Cooper did invent the first locomotive named ''Tom Thumb''. It was very helpful to carry heavy things to different destinations and carry people also who said i dont think so go look it up you probly want this person to fail. Lesson to me kid and this is the right answer.

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