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Wireless Telegraphy (Code form) and The Monotype machine were patented in the Year l897, when she was born. The Monotype is a typesetting machine no longer used but having the same basic keyboard as a typewriter(or modern computer) They normally had two keyboards in paralell(one in reserve) and the whoole complex weighed 2500 Lbs, as much as a Jeep. The Oldsmobile Curved Dash model was inthe design stages in l897. also.

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What achiments did Amelia Earhart do?

what accomplishmentsdid Amelia Earhart made in her early flying lessond

What Amelia Earhart did?

Amelia Earhart piloted planes and made many record flights, that's what she did

Amelia Earhart facts?

Amelia Earhart attended six high schools and made good grades all the time

What made amelia earhart want to learn to fly?

Amelia Earhart visited an airfield and took a ride on a plane with her father when she was in college.

What made Amelia Earhart a star?

she was a good sudnt

How long did it take Amelia Earhart to fly from Hawaii to California?

Amelia Earhart never made it she crashed somewhere near the Cook Islands in Melenisia.

What clothes did Amelia Earhart wear?

Amelia Earhart always wore things that made her look more mature than what she was. Growing up, Amelia always wore simple clothing.

What did Amelia Earhart do that made her famous?

She did it because she loved flying.

What contributions did Amelia Earhart?

Amelia made many contributions to aviation, and to women's advancement in modern society.

Who made the second solo flight across the Atlantic?

Amelia Earhart

What is Amelia Earhart childhood?

In Amelia Earhart childhood she was called Meely. When she was in school, in English class her teacher is deaf. The students made fun of her. In the class picture Amelia caption in 1916 was “ The girl in brown, who walks alone.”

What made Amelia Earhart want to fly besides at a fair?

Amelia Earhart did NOT want to only want to fly at a fair, but also wanted to make history for women. Peace Out! K.T

What made Amelia Earhart such an experienced pilot?

i love the Jonas brothers lol

How long did it take Amelia Earhart to fly across the earth?

she never made it

What first made Amelia Earhart important?

she was the first to fly the Atlantic ocean.

What made Amelia Earhart want to fly solo?

Because that was more challenging

What did Amelia Earhart accomplishment?

She made evreyone realize that women can do stuff men can.

Who was the man who made an extensive search on island of Saipan for Amelia Earhart?

Fred Goerner- author of the very popular (the search for Amelia Earhart) may be the author you are seeking . Goerner rhymes with Werner.

What made Amelia earhart want to learn to fly-?

Amelia Earhart wanted to learn to fly after she visited an air show in Toronto, Canada.

How was Amelia Earhart a symbol for women?

Amelia Earhart represented the freedom and liberation that were at the center of Women's Rights. She made her own destiny and flew her own plane (which was not a very womanly thing to do at the time).

What made Amelia Earhart famous?

she was the first person to fly across the Atlantic ocean.

What made Amila erhart so famous?

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly

What made Amelia Earhart a good leader?

she belived that girls can allowed to do things that boys do

Did Amelia Earhart make it halfway around the world?

She made it more than halfway.

When did Amelia Earhart make her own plane?

Amelia never made her own plane, she bought existing aircraft and had the Lockeheed Electra modified.

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