What is ''roaming''?

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In one sense, true....Lets just say it is how carriers butt hurt you if you know what i mean ;-) It's when you leave your mobile networks wireless range and connect to another carriers wireless network. In most cases additional charges will incur. If travelling abroad be sure to call your carrier in advance and ask about roaming in the country you will be traveling to as it can get very costly.

I personally experienced this when I traveled from my home in Nova Scotia, Canada to Galveston, Texas and went over the pathetic amount of data I payed $30 for before I left. $150 later I end up in a battle with Rogers wireless over it. A battle I subsequently lost. Some people have had up to $15,000 in roaming charges.

While I was in Texas, i was roaming on AT&T, T-mobile(no 3G Data) as well as US-Cellular.

T-Mobiles 3G wireless band is 1700mhz and is incompatible with the 1900mhz band AT&T, Rogers, Bell and Telus all use. You will only be able to use 2G data when roaming on T-Mobile with a 1900mhz phone and vice versa. Although here in Canada there is a newer upstart wireless carrier by the name of Wind Mobile who also uses the 1700mhz 3G band.

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