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Ecclesia Matris, or, since Latin word order is very flexible, Matris Ecclesia.

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Q: What is 'Church of the Mother' in Latin?
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What is 'mater' when translated from Latin to English?

"Mother" is an English equivalent of the Latin word māter. The feminine singular form represents the nominative form as the subject of a phrase or sentence and the vocative form for direct address. The pronunciation will be "MA-ter" in Church and classical Latin.

When is Saint Elizabeth's feast day?

The feast of St. Elizabeth ithe mother of John the Baptist is November 5 in the Latin Church.

What is the name of church in latin?

In Latin, the word church is "ecclesia, ecclesiae, f" and is a first declension noun. if you are looking for the name of the Church proper in Latin it is "Ecclesia Catholica Romana" or the Roman Catholic Church.

Who is the wife of God the Father?

Church the Mother/Mother Church.

What is a mother church?

My guess is the a Mother Church is one that has given birth, so to speak, to the coming into existence or the formation of that church. The Roman Catholic Church is referred to as Mother Church.

What is the Latin translation for the word church in Latin?


What is female of avuncular?

Avunculus = Latin for mother's brother. Matertera = Latin for mother's sister.

What is the Roman name for mother?

Mater tua is the Latin equivalent of 'your mother'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'mater' means 'mother'. The possessive adjective 'tua' means 'your'.

Church-related terms were frequently borrowed into English from?

Latin, due to the influence of the Roman Catholic Church.

How do you say mother in pig Latin?

In Pig Latin, the word "mother" would be said as "othermay."

When was The Destiny of The Mother Church created?

The Destiny of The Mother Church was created in 1991.

When was Mother of Sorrows Church created?

Mother of Sorrows Church was created in 1898.