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Ich werde Dich da/dort sehen


Ich sehe Dich da/dort

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Q: What is 'I will see you there' in German?
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What is see in German?

"See" in German means "Sea"If you mean how do you say "to see" in German, the verb is "sehen"

What is this in English Ich kann nicht warten um zu sehen dich wieder zu lieben?

I can not wait at to see you back to love? Ich is I in German kann is can in German Nicht is not in German warten is wait in German Um is at in German zu is to in German sehen is see in German dich is you in German wieder is back in German and lieben is love in German Hope this helps!

How do you say them in German?

Sie (see)

What is the German word for lake?


What is a secret German?

a german that lives on the dark side of the moon (the sun) see

What is the meaning of zur See in German?

To the ocean

What can you see in German?

Was kannst du sehen?

How can you see a German girl?

By moving to Germany.

How do you say i see in German?

Ich sehe...

What is zeuses traits?

German if you see this Hi

What are some important dates in German history?

Please see the link for a timeline of German history.

What are German seas called?

The German words for a salt sea are "das Meer" and "die See".The word for a lake or sweet water sea is "die See".