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Tentmaker spirit or Spirit [of the] tentmaker may be the English equivalent of 'Spiritus Khayyam'. The phrase is a mix of languages. The noun 'spiritus' is Latin for 'spirit'. The noun 'khayyam' is Arabic for 'tent maker'.

Spiritus Khayyam, the song by Globus:

The song Spiritus Khayyam by Globus is referring to the Hebrew word 'Khayyam' (קיים) rather than the Arabic word. Khayyam, in Hebrew, means everlasting, eternal, enduring. So the song title of Spiritus Khayyam means Everlasting Spirit, or Spirit of the Eternal.

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Q: What is 'Spiritus Khayyam' in English?
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Nobis Sancti Spiritus is the start of a verse from Horae Spiritus Sancti ("Hours of the Holy Spirit"), a medieval monastic office.The full line of text in which these words appear is Nobis Sancti Spiritus gratia sit data, which is "May the grace of the Holy Spirit be given to us." (Nobis is "to us" and Sancti Spiritus is "of the Holy Spirit".)

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