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Comadre in Portuguese and Spanish is comare or madrina ("godmother") in Italian.

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2017-08-03 17:28:11
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Q: What is 'comadre' when translated from Portuguese and Spanish to Italian?
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When was La Comadre created?

La Comadre was created in 1979.

What does Comadre mean?


What is the English translation of the Italian 'commara'?

"Godmother" is an English equivalent of the Italian word commara.Specifically, the Italian word is a regional way of saying comadre. It may be preceded by its definite article la ("the") or its indefinite article una ("a, one"). The pronunciation is "kohm-MAH-rah."

What actors and actresses appeared in La comadre - 1979?

The cast of La comadre - 1979 includes: Pedro Lander as Rodolfo Cecilia Villarreal as Magdalena Doris Wells as Aurora

What does comadrita querida siempre bela means?

dear (comadrita) you always look good no word for comadre but she would be your child's godmother literally comadre is a co-mother; of the child in the eyes of the church comadrita is a diminutive nice way of saying comadre. Since I'm on this, compadre is the male version. In other words the Godfather of your child. to your child these would be Godmother - Madrina Godfather - Padrino. Sorry if I added more than you needed.

In Spain, what are godmothers called?

In Spain Godmothers are called "Madrina".

Water that is partly salty and partly fresh is called?

Hola hola comadre ya te vas a ir

What does para nada comadre cual ofender pa'eso somos compitas mean?

I think it means: Not to get angry for nothing, (female) pal, for that we are rivals.

Como se dice comadre en ingles?

no he escuchado a nadie referirse de "comadre"en ingles de forma coloquial como se hace en español. Lo unico que sé y se aproxima sería 'Midwife'= comadrona o persona que asiste/ayuda a dar a luz. no sé si te ayude.

What does comadre mean in spanish?

I have seen this on Spanish-language greeting cards. Literally, it means Co-Mother which is a nonexistent family title in English. ( Tia is aunt) It might well refer to step mothers of sorts from a previous marriage. It is more than a little puzzling, Motherhood is not normally a divided or dual-control task, like the words co-pilot and Co-author suggest. Aunt would come the closest, but that is normally Tia.

What does comadre su Nina tiene su cara identica mean?

You are telling a dear friend of yours (a female) that her daughter and she look very much alike, identical even.

What actors and actresses appeared in Por querer a una mujer - 1951?

The cast of Por querer a una mujer - 1951 includes: Tito Junco as Juan Cecilia Leger as Comadre Rita Macedo as Anita Pepe Nava as Vecino Roberto Rivero

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