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What is 'Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori' in English?


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Love conquers everything, so let us yield to love is the English equivalent of 'Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'omnia' means 'everything'. The verb 'vincit' means '[he/she/it] conquers, does conquer, is conquering'. The nouns 'amor' and 'amori' mean 'love'. The conjunction 'et' means 'and'. The personal pronoun 'nos' means 'us'. The verb 'cedamus' means '[we] yield'.

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The difference between 'et noc cedamus amori' and 'et nos cedamus amori' is a misprint or misspelling. The ending letter needs to be 's', not 'c', in 'nos'. The sentence means 'We yield ourselves to love'. In the word-by-word translation, the conjunction 'et' means 'and'. The personal pronoun 'nos' means 'ourselves'. The verb 'cedamus' means '[we] are yielding, do yield, yield'. The noun 'amori' means 'to love'.

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