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'Your princess' in Chinese is written as '你的公主'. In pinyin it is written as 'nǐ de gōng zhǔ'.

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Q: What is 'your princess' in Chinese?
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What is princess in Chinese language?

公主 princess

How do you say dark princess in Chinese?

Dark princess in Chinese is暗的公主.

Are there any Chinese princess and princes love stories?

yes actually there are 1 is called The Princess Lily it is a Chinese Folktale go to

How do you say princess in Chinese?

公主 gōng zhǔ = Princess ( pronounced gong jhoo )Princess in Mandarin Chinese is written as '公主' / 'gong zhu'.

Who was the first Chinese princess?

ling wing ming.

What were a Chinese princess's duties duing the day?


How do you say princess in Chinese written in English?


What is the legend of the silk princess?

The Silk Princess is a Chinese legend. It is about the origin of silk in Asian culture. It is about a princess who smuggled silkworms into Khotan.

Who was the first princess?

princess tiana from the princess and the frog is the first black princess everIt depends on the country. As long as there is a monarch with a daughter, there is a princess. Most likely the first princess was Arab, Hebrew, or Chinese because those are the most ancient peoples.

What is Princess Diaries' Chinese name?

It is: 麻雀變公主

What is the settings in the story of emperor and the kite by Jane yolen?

it is about a chinese princess who OMG

What is princess in Chinese?

More than a language itself, Chinese is a group of language varieties, varieties that are so different among them that sometimes is almost impossible for speakers of two different varieties or dialects to communicate with each other. 'Princess' in Chinese is spelled 'Gong Zhu'.

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