What is 3 in German language?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Third (as in third floor, third place)

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Q: What is 3 in German language?
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The main german language is german

How is the language in Call of Duty 3?

German, Russian and Japanese

WHAT Language did English borrow bratwurst?

German is the origanal language.

Is the language German and french the same?

no french is a romance language and German is a germanic language.

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No, Hungarian is not derived from the German language. It really comes from the Finnish language.

Say how are you in German language?

We say 'Wie geht's?' to 'How are you?' in German language.

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Austrians speak German Österreicher sprechen Deutsch

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The German word for settings is Einstellungen. The German word for language is Sprache.

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