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At 100 pennies to the dollar, 50,000 pennies makes $500.

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In the UK 50,000 pennies = £500.00 In dollars 50,000 pennies = $500.00

A 1943 copper penny is known to be worth a lot of money,

one cent 100 pennies = 1 dollar

it's worth £80,000 in british money

it doesn't matter as long as it is really old money

50000 pennies = 50000/100 = 500 dollars 6000 dimes = 6000/10 = 600 dollars and 400 dollars = 400 dollars. Over to you.

because they thimk its worth notihing but if you keep saving them you can get a lot of money. I have a bin full of pennies and when i cashed it in it was worth 120 dollars!!

worth of piecoziesiat tysiecy 50000

50,000 pennies equal 500 dollars

30000 pennies are worth exactly $300. In the UK 30,000 pennies are worth £300.00

50,000 is 500 dollarsNote: there are 100 pennies (cents) in a dollar.

The Shilling is worth more. There were 12 Pennies in a Shilling.

In the US there are 100 pennies or cents to a US dollar, therefore 5000 divided by 100 equals 50 as is the case in the rest of the world. So 5000 pennies would be worth 50 dollars.

They collect them, and some, like a 1943 copper penny, are worth a lot of money. Most pennies are only worth a penny, but, some are worth a lot more than than to a collector.

In USD, 1,000,000 pennies= $10,000 10000 USD One million pennies is $10000.00

its depended by the currency, but the average is about US 4

10000000 bir milyon money frm turkey its worth? In south african rand

All pennies are worth a cent.

50000 Elli Bin is worth $ 39,191.10 USD.

All pennies are worth money: $0.01. We don't normally answer questions about the value of collectible items here. If you have a coin you think is worth more than "normal", take it to a dealer for an appraisal. The value of any penny depends on its condition and rarity.

1000 pennies is worth ten dollars

23 million pennies are worth $230,000.

A US dime is worth either:ten penniestwo nickles

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