What is A division on a us naval ship?

The theory of ship's organization is that ships should operate in peacetime with an organization that can be expanded quickly without basic change when required by wartime operating conditions. A warship's manning consists of officers and enlisted personnel required to enable the ship to fight the most efficiently. This theory requires that the ships group the functions and personnel to minimize the overlapping of responsibilities and duplication of personnel within the command. The ship manning document and the Standard Organization and Regulations of the US Navy [SORN] (OPNAVINST 3120.32B) provide guidance in the preparation of the standard ship's organization for all types of ships.

Divisions are the smallest organizational units aboard, and consist of groups of enlisted specialists organized according to skills. Every piece of material on a ship from the propeller to the paint job is assigned to a division and finally to an individual technician for its care. Each of these technicians is an expert not only in the technical functions to which special training has been directed, but also in the demands of administration, leadership and instruction of shipmates.

Aircraft squadrons are organized into departments and divisions under the Squadron Commanding Officer. The Squadron Commanding Officer administers the activities of the departments through the Squadron Executive Officer. Department heads may be assigned assistants to carry out department duties. Unless directed otherwise, the Squadron Commanding Officer directs the specific assignments of officers. The carrier Commanding Officer exercises the sole authority to convene courts-martial on all