Absolutism (Political)

What is Absolutists?

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Absolution is total forgiveness for any sin you have committed.

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What are Absolutists?

Absolutists are supporters of the absolute. The Absolute is the concept of an unconditional reality which transcends limited, conditional, everyday existence.

Ethical absolutists typically regard utilitarianism as?

a corruption and betray of genuine ethics

How do ethical absolutists typically regard utilitarianism?

a corruption and betray of genuine ethics

Moral absolutists' claims lead to thinking?

"you're either with us or against us"

What does absolutists mean?

Absolutist is used to describe a form of government where a sole dictator has primary control. There are no laws or constitution for opposition of power.

How is moral absolutism potentially problematic?

Moral absolutists may condemn those who subscribe to ideologies other than those to which they subscribe.

What is religious absolutism?

Religious absolutism is a perspective that religions are not open to interpretation and are only to be examined and believed as rote dogmas. Religious absolutists refuse to engage with religious texts in a bilateral exchange and debate principles with those who hold contrary views. The strongest adversaries of religious absolutists tend to be liberal religious leaders, who often entertain a more moderate and open view towards reinterpreting religious precepts.

What did Philip II and Louis XIV have in common?

Louis XIV and Philip II were both absolutists, and believed that they should be the supreme rulers of France and Spain. A common goal of the two was to maintain absolute power. Hope this little bit helps :]

What is the correct sequence of events in the origin of life?

No one knows the answer to that question. As a scientist I try to be alright with not knowing something. It is only absolutists of ideological persuasion who think their simplistic answers, devoid of supporting evidence, mean anything. There are many hypothesis under testing that have to do wit abiogenesis, but none are certain yet. From micelles, to cells, to the first replicators we can surmise how the first life arose on the planet, but we can not be sure and may never be sure of this question.

What is morality according to Saint Augustine of Hippo?

A:Augustine's version of morality was a form of unqualified absolutism. For him, not all falsifications are lies, but only those falsifications with intention to deceive qualify as lies. A person is to be judged as lying or not lying according to his intention, not by the truth or falsity of his expressions.Lying to ward off rape, or even to save a life, is strictly forbidden by Augustine's unqualified absolutism, for one's choice is really between the permission of another's sin or the commission of his own sin. Augustine was aware of passages in the Bible that seem to record many cases of justified lying, and attempted to explain them in terms of unqualified absolutism.Finally, Augustine admitted that not all acts are intrinsically good or evil, so perhaps acts such as lying are not intrinsically evil either. Augustine struggled with these issues while trying to maintain his teaching of unqualified absolutism. He also found the need, for the good of the Church, to express what might otherwise be called a lie and once again had to be creative in his ethical philosophy. Like graded absolutists (as opposed to unqualified absolutists), Augustine believes there is a hierarchy of sins, some being worse than others. In harmony with graded absolutists, Augustine believes that it is the greater good, not the lesser evil, to follow the higher moral duty in conflicting situations.Augustine at first opposed the persecution of schismatics such as Donatists, and the use of coercion, saying he preferred to bring them to the Catholic Church by persuasion. Augustine eventually reversed his position and decided to endorse coercion. He claimed there are two kinds of persecution, "an unjust persecution which the wicked inflict on the Church of Christ [Catholic Church], and ... a just persecution which the Church of Christ inflicts on the wicked [non-Catholics]."

How can you describe European absolutism using Louis xiv Peter the great and Fredrick the great as examples of absolutists and their policies?

Absolutism is a form of government in which a monarch, or a single person, holds complete power. Louis XIV, king of France, was and absolute ruler in many respects. He built up the French army, forcing them to be very formal. He also built the palace of Versailles, earning him the nickname of 'The Sun King'. In addition, he declared, "I am the State," demonstrating his complete control of French government, under divine right. Frederick the Great of Prussia (Germany) was also an absolute ruler. He used his power to break treaties and invade Austria and unify Germany (7 years war). Peter the Great of Russia, an absolutist as well, used his power to westernize Russia, mainly by greatly altering the Russian Orthodox Church and building up the Russian military.

Is Barack Obama for gunrights?

Yes and no. First, this is a very political "hot button" issue, and the fact that President Obama has said he wants stronger background checks has been interpreted by some groups (notably the NRA) as an indication that he is "against" gun rights. That, however, is false. The president has never said he wants to restrict gun ownership, nor has he ever said he wants to take people's guns away, contrary to some of the false rhetoric online. What the president has said is he opposes high-capacity magazines and he does not believe the average citizen needs military assault weapons. He would also like to see the gun-show loophole closed so that all gun purchases are subject to a background check. (That issue, by the way, is one the NRA used to support.) Some second-amendment absolutists believe Mr. Obama is against gun rights, but there is no evidence to support that viewpoint. So, for the most part, the president supports private ownership, is a sport shooter himself, and has no negative view of hunters. He simply believes we need stronger background checks and a ban on private ownership of military-style assault weapons, a few that many in law enforcement also share.

What was a basic WW1 trench like?

Horses were used to bring supplies. There were: Front line, Support and Communication trenches. Some soldiers drowned in the mud(Passchendaele 1917). No Man's Land was the strip of land between the fighters. Trenches were dug in wiggly lines so it was harder for the enemy to hit them. Conscientious objectors were people who did not want to fight but still took part in the war effort. E.g stretcher bearers & fatigue parties (brought supplies) Quakers were pacifists and absolutists and refused to do anything. Food was cooked on primus stovesand all of it came canned. Food canteens: vats of food were carted around on gun supports. The paroquet was the top of the trench. Snipers looked out and shot at any movement. Chatting was when the lice eggs were picked out of the uniform. Barbed wire was in front of the trenches, making it harder for the enemy. Soldiers were trained in riflery, before being fitted for their uniform. The trench system stretched from Belgium to Switzerland. The Germans' trenches were generally better organised and made. Letters were checked for information in censorship. Comforts were supplies sent from relatives. Embussment: London buses, painted khaki, were used to transport soldiers. Soldiers had time-offto go into French villages to buy fruit, vegetables etc. Bells were rung before killing gas(phosgene/chlorine) was let off, so gas masks could be put on before it affected the eyes and lungs. Tanks were slow, but they were used in the Battle of Cambrai in 1917. Field hospitals were used to treat the injured. Some guns were so loud that they could be heard in England from France. Tribunals: places where people could go to avoid conscription.

Discuss what you think Louis XVI could have done differently to literally save his own head.?

At the start of his reign, he could have kept out of wars so as not to place France in heavy debt; bankruptcy was what led to the Estates-General being called to vote on tax reform in 1789. In 1789, he could have let the Estates-General vote by head rather than order, thus making it possible that the reforms France needed were passed. Instead, the three estates voted by order, meaning the nobles and clergy could oppose any move for change by the "Third Estate" in a 2-1 vote. This, and a series of misunderstandings, led to the Third Estate along with liberal nobles and priests to break away and form their own assembly, the National Convention. In 1790, he could have listened to his allies on the right and accepted his new position as a constitutional monarch with limited powers. Instead, he shot his own side in the foot repeatedly with intransigent demands and a refusal to cooperate. This, coupled with attempts to flee France, increasingly damaged the power of moderates like LaFayette and made it easy to paint him as a tyrant or traitor. By 1792, he should have chosen to gone into voluntary exile and renounce his throne. The aforementioned damage had built up to make him and his family extremely unpopular in Paris and the actions of foreign powers, such as the Brunswick Declaration (which made it look like the king was working with foreign absolutists; a rumor not helped by Marie-Antoinette's own ties to Austrian sympathizers). With the Storming of the Tuileries on 10th August 1792, the Jacobins and Girondists rose to power, a massive shift to the left for the Revolution. The king and his family was imprisoned by this new regime and it was at this point that he was effectively doomed.

What was a ww1 trench like?

Horses were used to bring supplies.There were: Front line, Support and Communication trenches.Some soldiers drowned in the mud (Passchendaele 1917).No Man's Land was the strip of land between the fighters.Trenches were dug in wiggly lines so it was harder for the enemy to hit them.Conscientious objectors were people who did not want to fight but still took part in the war effort. E.g stretcher bearers & fatigue parties (brought supplies)Quakers were pacifists and absolutists and refused to do anything.Food was cooked on primus stoves and all of it came canned.Food canteens: vats of food were carted around on gun supports.The paroquet was the top of the trench.Snipers looked out and shot at any movement.Chatting was when the lice eggs were picked out of the uniform.Barbed wire was in front of the trenches, making it harder for the enemy.Soldiers were trained in riflery, before being fitted for their uniform.The trench systemstretched from Belgium to Switzerland.The Germans' trenches were generally better organised and made.Letters were checked for information in censorship.Comforts were supplies sent from relatives.Embussment: London buses, painted khaki, were used to transport soldiers.Soldiers had time-off to go into French villages to buy fruit, vegetables etc.Bells were rung before killing gas (phosgene/chlorine) was let off, so gas masks could be put on before it affected the eyes and lungs.Tanks were slow, but they were used in the Battle of Cambrai in 1917.Field hospitals were used to treat the injured.Some guns were so loud that they could be heard in England from France.Tribunals: places where people could go to avoid conscription.

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